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Paskho was founded out of a return-far-and-away from the big city, and its inevitable stresses-to the fundamentals. At a time when inspiration wasn't hitting, I left New York to backpack through Yosemite National Park in California. Experiencing nature on that level-the tactility of the rich earth, the sweeping rain showers, the rocks that cut across the sky like a child's rip through construction paper-brought it all back. I wanted to create a wholly different type of clothing, combining technology and wanderlust to incite, and excite, the possibility of discovery. Deep-blue glaciers in Nepal, New York's nonstop energy, an untouched beach in Seychelles, an impromptu caipirinha in Rio de Janeiro, and a mad dash across the expansive Tokyo: Paskho is built to suit the freedom-seeker and the maverick nomadic and the fearless observer, all together. A Paskho design removes the rigidity and the inhibitions of life. The clothes prompt curiosity; where might you go, and what might you do when you get there? Paskho is livable, workable, pliable, pushable-but still fashionable. It retains style while adapting the philosophy that everyday, is, really, an excursion-be it to your local corner store or to an antipodal island, slope or sand dune around the globe.

Paskho / pas'-kho / Πάσχω
noun. Ancient Greek;
means Passion, to experience a strong or powerful sensation or feeling.