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Saint Barthélemy, West Indies

Our Fabrics

We focus on using sustainable sources for our products.


Our People

We believe in fair labor and treat all people with respect in every interaction we have.


Our Process

We are intentional and thoughtful with every step in how we create, sell, package and ship our products.


1% is a big number.


Kauai, Hawaii

Through our participation with 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our sales to environmental causes. For a small, growing company, this is a large number. We feel it’s important to give back, especially to environmental causes that value the natural world where we all love to travel and explore. We support nonprofits that focused on textile recycling, responsibility in fashion, transportation/energy, water quality, and science-related work. Our first donations have gone to Adventure Scientists, based in Bozeman, Montana.Adventure Scientists unites explorers and scientists who collect environmental data from all corners of the globe. Learn more about Adventure Scientists and 1% for the Planet.

bluesign® approved fabrics are produced with a minimum impact to people and the environment

In 2017, Paskho started using bluesign® approved fabrics. bluesign® evaluates every single element that goes into making a fabric starting at the very beginning of the supply chain process. This ensures that our fabric is as environmentally-friendly as possible. bluesign® eliminates harmful chemicals, reduces water consumption and is mindful of air and soil pollution. In fact, bluesign® approved fabrics are produced with a minimum impact to people and the environment. This makes our clothes safe for the people manufacturing them, the earth, and you.

"We hope to inspire others to repurpose, rather than add to the piles of waste that overflow our landfills."

Patrick Robinson, Founder and CEO

Reclaimed Fabric

Patrick, the founder, has always been obsessed with ways to minimize waste, and when creating Paskho, he took the opportunity to research ways that we might be able to use reclaimed materials without affecting the quality of our designs. From the beginning, he decided to use reclaimed fabrics, this meant that at times we could only create seven or eight pants from a reclaimed fabric because of its limited quantity, making many of our pants quite unique.

We never use Polybags.


At Paskho, we talk about packaging a lot and feel strongly that our actions should match our values. Most companies use a Polybag just to ship from manufacturer to warehouse. They then throw away the polybag and use another package to ship to their customer. Our factory, KTC, ships our products in a recycled paper envelope which we reuse to ship to you, greatly reducing waste. We also don’t put extra stuff in our packages, like plastic or bubble wrap that gets thrown away immediately. We are constantly thinking about how to make our packaging smaller and more efficient, always striving to reduce our footprint.

Patrick in the laser cutting room in our factory, KTC

Fair Labor

For over 40 years KTC has invested deeply in exactly what the company’s initials stand for: Knowledge, Technology, and Craft. KTC explores the latests technologies while pioneering manufacturing methods in a socially-conscious way. They know that they are only as good as the people who work for them. That is why KTC is associated with the Fair Wear Foundation and the Fair Labor Association. We support both organizations' missions to improve labor conditions across our industry. When Patrick visits the factory, he opts to stay on KTC’s campus, with the people who are creating our products. He raves about the factory (and the food).

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