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Every day, we make choices — from the second our eyes open in the morning to the minute our heads hit the pillow at night. From what we eat to where we go to what we do when we get there, these infinitesimal arrangements of time, matter and space, which we make each moment of every day, can be so small that we don’t even think of them as decisions at all.

But at Paskho we know that every action has a reaction. That’s why we spend so much time researching the macro — and micro — decisions that are part of our process for making clothes that look, feel, and perform — yet still create the least amount of impact on the Earth.

"We hope to inspire others to repurpose, rather than add to the piles of waste that overflow our landfills."

Patrick Robinson, Founder and CEO

We know that textile waste is a huge problem. In the United States alone, we trash 14 million tons — as much as 80 pounds per person, according to the EPA — of clothing each year.

Diverting these textiles from landfills and into recycling programs would be like taking 7.3 million cars off the road. So we founded Paskho with the mission to use reclaimed fabrics first — thus keeping textiles in circulation as clothes, and out of landfills as trash.

bluesign® approved fabrics are produced with a minimum impact to people and the environment

New fabrics are necessary to scale production. So as Paskho’s sourcing expanded, we committed to using only bluesign® approved textiles, which are certified to eliminate harmful chemicals, use less water, and not pollute the air and soil with which they’re grown.

Bluesign® evaluates every single element that goes into making a fabric, starting at the beginning of the supply chain process. Certified textile manufacturers are in compliance with strict requirements as they continually work to improve their environmental performance, making them a perfect fit for Paskho — and for you.

1% is a big number.


Caspian Sea, NASA

From our very first day of operation, Paskho donated 1% of our sales to environmental causes that protect the natural world where we all love to travel and explore. For a small, growing company, this is a very large number — but we believe in giving back.

In 2018, we supported Adventure Scientists, which connects citizen scientists with projects that allow research to scale and unlock solutions to issues like species protection, disease prevention, and climate change. Our donations are managed through 1% for the Planet.

People - not machines - make Paskho clothing.

Patrick in the laser cutting room in our factory, KTC

We believe in fair trade: People should work in a safe and respectful environment, and be paid fairly for the work that they do. That’s why we partnered with KTC (which stands for “Knowledge, Technology, and Craft”) to make our garments.

A member of the Fair Labor Association, KTC is dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and committed to social and environmental sustainability — just like us. When Patrick visits the factory, he stays on KTC’s campus with the people who are creating our products. He raves about the factory (and the food).

Conscious consumption

Before the Ellen Macarthur Foundation woke the world up to the prediction that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, Paskho team was taking steps to minimize our plastic impact.

Most companies depend on “polybags” to ship clothes from manufacturers to warehouses, and from warehouses to stores or consumers. These are clear plastic bags that typically are not made from recycled materials and aren’t recyclable, either.

Polybags don’t fit Paskho’s mission to put environment first, so we invented a solution: recycled paper envelopes. Our factory uses them to send garments to our warehouse, which we then use to send clothing to you for reuse or recycling.

We’re working on more solutions to the plastic pollution problem, so stay tuned!

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