I design products that allow you to walk lighter on the Earth.
You crowd fund on what styles we make and save 20%. 
We fund our growth and Community-Made responsibly.
Our Planet takes on less waste.

We all win.

Patrick Robinson, Founder Designer CEO

Experience Zen-like comfortable pantsExperience Zen-like comfortable pants

The SERENE pant is a sanctuary, a refined respite; for exploration, letting go, and seeking purpose.

Experience Zen-like comfort 

You’ll feel peace within, and inspiration beyond.

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3 / 30/ 23


A Positively Magical Pant

Carefree, ergonomic design allows the pants to move naturally with the body, offering a free, unrestricted feeling that is effortlessly elegant.


03 / 30 / 23

Travel in Effortless Elegance and Comfort.

The ultimate travel pants that emphasize relaxed elegance and comfort.

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01 / 18 / 23

Seductive Zen-like Elegance

This jacket is insanely soft, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, pure comfortable elegance.

Funding ends

01 / 14 / 23

Wild - irresistible Craftsmanship, Travel Utility Pants in Black

The Beautiful Wild

Where artistry meets comfort.

funding ENDS

12 / 22 / 22

Wild – Beautiful Craftsmanship, Travel Utility Pants in Volcano Red

irresistible beauty

Meticulous craftsmanship and poetic rounded seaming yields the perfect balance of comfort, function, and beauty.

funding ends

12 / 22 / 22

Conscious - Zen-Like Comfort Pants

radiate confidence and modernity

Experience the pleasure of wearing an insanely comfortable pant that’s also beautifully elegant.

funding ENDS

12 / 22 / 22

Rejuvenate - Luxurious Comfort, Slim-Fit Tapered Pants in Khaki

Breathtaking Comfort

Peace, serenity and contemplation. These pants are like wellness from the inside out.

funding ends

12 / 22 / 22

Rejuvenate - Luxurious Comfort, Slim-Fit Tapered Pants in Olive

As elegant as it is relaxed.

Seductive construction, unadorned elegance, luxurious comfortable in a sumptuous fabric.

Funding Ends

12 / 22 / 22



Paskho Studio is our crowdfunding platform for new products.

We design a new collection of products and release them for crowdfunding.  Customers then have 6-8 weeks to pre-order the products at a discounted price.  Products that reach their funding goal are then manufactured and delivered.

Products almost always reach their funding goal.  In the rare event a Studio product does not, we’ll be in touch to let you know if we decide to make the products anyhow or to provide you with a full refund or option to purchase another item at the price you funded.

By participating in Paskho Studio, you are helping to support our Paskho Community-Made initiative to move our manufacturing here to the US.  You also get to lock in pre-sale discounts that average 20%,  And if you are a loyal Paskho customer, you know that popular items sell fast!  So there’s always a chance the  product sells out in the crowdfund period.  The benefit of purchasing is that you are guaranteed that you get your size. 

The Paskho Studio funding campaign lasts 6-8 weeks.

With every Studio product, we include an estimated shipping date.  Generally this is 4-6 weeks after the product is funded.  Please note, difficulties in manufacturing can arise.  If there are any delays to the estimated ship date, we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Your payment will be processed when you check out. and provide your order number.

Of course. You will just not be able to lock in pre-sale pricing and there is always a chance your size will sell out before it becomes available at retail price. 

Yes. We offer free and easy returns for all Paskho Studio purchases.  Please visit: with your order number and shipping zip code.