Wide leg and slim fit

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Functional Design

Zip pockets

Hidden zippered pockets discretely secure your phone, passport, wallet, and any other valuables you need to keep with you. Careful placement allows your to fill your pockets without that baggy, weighed-down feeling –– keeping your streamlined and comfortable for your whole trip.

Innovative Features

Moisture Control

Wicking internal waistband pulls moisture away from the skin around your waist. This wicking action keeps your body dry and cool while seated, reducing discomfort and odor.

Fabric Technology

wrinkle Free

Cutting edge fabrics resist those hard-set wrinkles from hours of sitting so you look great on arrival, while still feeling supple and luxurious. Four-way stretch and breathable technology ensures you feel good from take-off to landing.



No detail is left unexamined. The finest performance fabrics from Switzerland. The most attentive design process that delivers unique, stylish, functional products. All put together by incredibly talented Makers from US communities dedicated to craft who sew every seam with care and passion.

Slim or Wide leg

Whatever your preferred fit, we make the ultimate travel pants. Fully featured to make the most of any journey while maintaining a minimalist, stylish look. Wide Leg offers a roomy fit without being baggy. Incredible comfort meets a refined yet relaxed silhouette. While the slim fit gives a streamlined, flattering shape that moves with you every step of the journey.



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