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Pick The Perfect Men's Pants



Pick the Perfect Travel Pant

Below I take the pain out of picking the perfect travel pant, and recommend pants specific to your unique travel preferences. 

Paskho is designed for everyday adventure and living with meaning.

I have a passion for our pants and a genuine belief in their benefits. To that end, my business is a reflection of what I choose to represent - quality products that are comfortable, unique, timeless and respectful of the world around us.

Below I've listed how I pick my favorite travel pants for my far-off journeys and everyday exploring.


Pick by Who You Are

Whether you're exploring an ancient city, trekking in the wilderness, merging into traffic, traveling for business or cruising at 35,000 feet.

You're a Global Explorer

You seek opportunities to embrace, discover and immerse yourself in the culture, people and settings of the places you visit.

You're a Global Explorer


Be at ease trekking or exploring in virtually any corner of the world from the Omo Valley to Bali in this pant.  Its perfect proportions are showcased in sculptural details that beckon for true deep-comfort.

You're a Nature Trekker

Eyes, ears, mind all wide open.You appreciate the beauty of natural environments. You enjoy using all of your senses when you explore and really get to know the places you visit.

You're a Nature Trekker


PATRICK'S NOTES: A pant to experience the pleasures of wild freedom. Crafted from a breathable ultralight-weight tech fabric. Wearing these pants I found the most incredible peace while camel camping in the Gobi Desert.

You're an Entrepreneur

You strive to create. When you travel you are likely pursuing a personal or business interest. Traveling alone or in small groups, you have a carefully planned schedule and travel at a rapid pace.

You're an Entrepreneur


PATRICK'S NOTE: The ultimate minimalist tech travel pant. Perfectly cut slim-fit trouser for any season and any trip. This modern tailoring and tech-fabric excels at keeping you elegant, comfortable and moving freely.

You're a City Enthusiast

You satisfy your sense of exploration in larger cities, where the people hail from various cultural backgrounds.. 

You're a City Enthusiast


PATRICK'S NOTE: Be at ease in virtually any corner of the world from Paris to Kyoto in this pant.  Its perfect proportions are showcased in sculptural details that beckon for true deep-comfort.

You're a Luxury Resort Escapist

As a bit of an escapist, you search for relaxation and simplicity. You favor worry-free travel and spending time with family and friends. You stay at luxury hotels and like to travel in style, comfort and security.

You're a Luxury Resort Escapist


PATRICK'S NOTE: You'll love this luxurious comfy traveler pant. It's one of the most comfortable pants you'll ever wear. The color is magical and it'll take you from home to plane to restaurant to your wildest trek. Pull out of your bag and go. Wear with a Silk Merino Long Sleeve

You're a Frequent Long-Haul Flyer

You're a master of the art of frequent flying.You know thatgetting organized before take-off is critical to a happy flight. Your motto is “Pack light, travel efficiently.” You travel with fewer clothes and choose colors that can mix and match.


You're a Frequent Long-Haul Flyer


PATRICK'S NOTE:  Refine your warm-weather essentials with Paskho’s Dark Blue 'Persist' short. This pair is crafted from ultra-light breathable stretchy performance-fabric for all day amazing comfort. Worn with an 'Unbounded' T-shirt.

Pick by Fit

Pants act as an anchor for your travel style, swapping one pair for another can completely change the image you convey. Make sure they fit their best.

Slim Fit 

Sits slightly below the waist. Slim through the seat and thigh.

Straight Fit

Sits slightly below the waist. Straight through the seat and thigh.

Relaxed Fit 

Sits naturally at the waist. Full through the seat and thigh.


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