August 2020

This month I have found myself ruminating on the 3 principles that have helped me stay on track, refocus my energy, and find the magic in the process. 
by Patrick Robinson

- 1 -
What YOU think determines YOUR destiny.

The way in which we think about a problem, is the way it manifests in our lives, shows up in our imagination and in the outcome we experience. I’ve been working on this principle a lot and found it’s important to open your arms wide to others experiences in this unpredictable world.

How? I visualize the outcomes I desire through learning from others or most times listening to a podcast on long runs on whatever situation I’m facing. This month I’m absorbed with “Community”.

I'm exploring "Community" both in my goals for Paskho as a company, for those who are creating our products and for our customers. There were two readings in particular that honed in on this theme for me: Henry Ford’s biography and John Lewis Across that Bridge.

Henry Ford’s biography offered
credibility to my focus this month as if it was already achieved. By shedding light on making a great product, revolutionizing manufacturing and being the 1st to pay his companies employees a better then livable wage that helped create the middle class.

John Lewis Across that Bridge, was as you can imagine – full of enormous heart. He spoke of a process “Building a Beloved Community”, a philosophical framework that touched me deeply. There is solace and purpose with his gracious way of showing us the path to a brighter day.

The lesson is easy: Everything I am and everything I will be is determined by what I think at each moment.

- 2 -
JUMP into the ring of fire / JUMP from the cliff into the unknown.

BTW...this can be all types of scary. But “Action brings clarity!”

Only by doing, getting started down the path can our journey redefine our ways of seeing, revealing a larger world.

I did this once again in mid-July when I trusted that Paskho’s team could retool and refocus to bring Community-Made to life in just a few weeks. We had to believe the magic that lives in the way things want to happen next, even as this required a terrifying loss of control.

- 3 -
If you expect MAGIC in every encounter,
you find IT

I found this principle from my brilliant good friend Adam Robinson’s book – An Invitation to the Great Game (A Parable of Love, Magic, and Everyday Miracles)

When you approach every person, issue, situation, complexity, with an attitude of joyful curiosity, you will find worlds within worlds and beauties you cannot imagine.

This magic really boggles my mind every day when it happens.