Paskho x Unite to Light

“There are dramatic changes in every place we bring light: Student graduation rates increase by 30%; we’ve reduced fuel costs by $18 million for recipients, and scaled greenhouse gas emissions by more than nine million metric tons. That’s quite an impact for these little lights!”
– Megan Birney

Unite to Light fights inequity — one light at a time. With more than a billion people living without electricity, access to clean, affordable light and energy is critical to improving health, education, and prosperity. The donation of a solar-powered light helps recipients shift away from expensive, dangerous, and environmentally damaging light sources. Initially established in partnership with the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency and Engineers Without Borders programs, the organization has now distributed more than 126,000 waterproof, solar-powered lights to people in 78 countries. Megan Birney is President and CEO of Unite to Light.

“I’ve seen firsthand how a solar powered light can make the difference between defeat and opportunity for a student or disaster victim — and life or death for a mother. Light is a game changer in the fight to lift people out of poverty.”
– Megan Birney