Paskho x Environmental Voter Project

“Fashion is among the most polluting industries. As a former model, I feel a responsibility to push for change when it comes to fashion — which is one of the most polluting industries in the world. I only buy sustainable, principled clothing from companies like Paskho that are trying to do better.”
– Solveig Galbo

Solveig Galbo is a New York based attorney, former model, and dedicated activist who volunteers with the Environmental Voter Project, a non-partisan non-profit that uses data analytics to identify non-voting environmentalists and leverages the latest behavioral science to get them to the ballot box. In 2016, more than 10 million environmentalists stayed home on Election Day — that presidential election was decided by 77,000 people in three states. Since then, the Environmental Voter Project has worked to activate environmentalists who don't vote; they have identified 2.5 million across 12 states and trained 4,500 volunteers — like Solveig — to reach them.

“Last year, I became a mother. My daughter is a United States citizen, and it will be many years before she is of legal voting age. As a Danish citizen, I am not allowed to vote. It’s critical for me to support non-profits like the Environmental Voter Project so I can do my part to create a better future for both of us.”

– Solveig Galbo