Our clothing is a sanctuary of comfort, community-made is an exquisite connection to the “Makers” of your wardrobe. Locally made in the USA. Employing and empowering displaced garment workers to embrace your desire for sustainability in all of life. You’ll have a genuine human interaction with every person who assembles, markets, and ships each piece of clothing for you.

Your social wellness is at the core of this new experience.

–Patrick Robinson Designer/CEO


“All our lives have been upended by COVID. Our neighbors, co-workers, and communities have struggled to survive economically and health-wise. In response, Paskho is moving our clothing manufacturing from Asia to underserved USA communities and neighborhoods near you.”

- Patrick Robinson, CEO/Founder

Peace, serenity and contemplation. These pants are like wellness from the inside out.

Bespoke and tailored to your individual need for letting go, and seeking purpose.

These are SENSATIONAL. A pant conducive to meditation or dancing under the stars.

There’s no aspect left unconsidered for this pant, from the gloriously modern fit to the exquisite latest-technology fabric.

"If you put any 2 unrelated things together to create even for an instant a startling new beginning, then you know me and I you. A “Maker” is for me the highest form of ourselves. To truly create, no, to believe that things, ideas, people together might be better than when apart is a true jewel of the human spirit. I’m setting out with this new clothing to kindle your soul to believe that an item from a “Maker” can nourish your spirit."
– Patrick Robinson CEO Founder

Our name, ‘paskho’ in ancient Greek, has a history stretching back millennia. It means passion. The kind that lights up your whole being.