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“All our lives have been upended in 2020. Our neighbors, co-workers, and communities have struggled to survive economically and health-wise. In response, Paskho is moving our clothing manufacturing from Asia to underserved USA communities and neighborhoods near you.”
-Patrick Robinson, CEO/Founder

Made by a USA team of local craftspeople, technicians, seamstresses, and tailors to create and customize products from their homes to yours.

Paskho Community Made™ 

Moving our production from Asia into communities near our customers has enormous benefits from reducing our carbon footprint, to employing workers from primarily underserved communities.

In this new system, garments are made on demand – eliminating waste and the environmental impacts of factories, and retail stores. We’re disrupting the traditional system of production, an archaic assembly line established during the 18th century. 

Paskho Community-Made™ is aiming to create a fair, just, and equitable society.
Join us as we work for the betterment of our neighbors, co-workers, and communities
- Patrick Robinson

Paskho Community Made™ is a game-changer.

With Paskho’s Community-Made™ workers control their own schedules with Paskho’s cutting-edge technology that allows them to work more effectively and efficiently. This will enable a far richer work-life balance by minimizing commuting and maximizing family and personal time.


Paskho Community Made™ is sustainable to its core.

We are minimizing shipping, lowering our carbon footprint -- an ongoing effort that began with our company’s carbon offsetting and continues with the option to “green your shipping” at checkout. 

We’ve also increased the percentage of upcycled fabrics used to make our clothes, making sure we do our part to keep textiles in circulation and out of landfills. And we have eliminated all unnecessary hangtags and packaging in an effort to move towards zero waste. Visit our Sustainability page to learn more about these efforts.

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