Pick by Design Details

Paskho-specific features like hidden zipper pockets, gusset inlay for enhanced movement and indulgent comfort.

Multiple hidden zippered pockets.

Designed so you will lack for nothing throughout your journey.

Poetic design and unique workmanship.

Paskho clothing must provoke emotion - there is poetry and an easy aesthetic to each design.

Exceptionally comfortable performance fabric.

A radically unique new way of exploring clothing in which craft, aesthetics and travel life come together.

Ultrasonic welded and bonded seams.

Ultrasonic welding is an industrial technique whereby high frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to workpieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld.

Carefree - Pull out of your bag and go.

These "grab-and-go" pants allow you total freedom of movement whilst at the same time being beautiful and practical.