40 million Americans are living in poverty with little to no economic opportunity to lift themselves out.

Paskho is a clothing brand focused on battling the impacts of racial and social inequality in the United States. We’re bringing jobs back to underserved communities –– and, in doing so, demonstrating that sustainable practices benefit both people and the companies that employ them.

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About Community-made

We are designing a better product and a better business

I started Paskho because I was compelled to design a better product, and a better business. I needed my industry to do more for struggling communities than catchy slogans, and I couldn’t wait any longer for someone to do something –– so we launched our Community-Made Initiative. Our goal is to bring 100% of our manufacturing back to the United States. We’re creating jobs in communities that have had their livelihoods inhumanely stripped from them in the name of higher profits and cheaper products. Together, we can do more to combat social injustice.

Thank you for joining us.

Design Matters

Paskho is built from the ground up on principles of thoughtful, holistic design. Every stitch, the ergonomic fit of our clothes, and the jobs we create in underserved communities are all designed to have a better impact. Great design is what makes our clothes so comfortable, so stylish, and allows you to feel so good wearing them –– knowing that your purchase helped to employ an American Maker and combat social injustice. This is what it means to make clothes like they matter.


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