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40 million Americans are living in poverty with little to no economic opportunity to lift themselves out.

Mission Matters

Paskho is a socially sustainable apparel brand focused on revitalizing the American workforce. In underserved communities across the US, we’re putting unemployed Makers back to work, right in their hometowns.

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Directly employ
displaced makers

Fight for social and environmental justice

I started Paskho because I saw a need to unlock human potential. I was compelled to design a better product, and a better business. To empower the talented Makers who have seen their jobs shipped overseas in recent decades. To offer better clothes that look good, feel good, and do good. That tread lightly on the environment while uplifting communities and the spirits of the wearer.

When you buy our clothes, you’re getting the best product made in the most positive way possible. You’re employing the talented Makers of America that have been left behind by global supply chains. Most essentially, you’re showing that we can all expect more from our clothes. I’m so excited to invite you on this journey.


Patrick Robinson

Design Matters

Intentional, considered design can elevate us all. Paskho is built from the ground up on principles of thoughtful design –– from every thread, to the ergonomic fit of our clothes, to way we’ve designed our business to interact with communities. Great design is what makes our clothes so comfortable, so stylish, and allows you to feel so good wearing them –– knowing that your purchase helped to employ an American Maker and combat social injustice.

43% Reclaimed Fabric

Paskho was founded with the mission to use reclaimed fabrics first, keeping textiles in circulation as clothes, and out of landfills as trash – in 2019, 43% of our fabrics were reclaimed.

bluesign® fabrics

Last year, 57% of Paskho designs were made from bluesign® fabrics, which require 50% less water and 30% less energy than conventional fabrics.

8,000 kg of CO2 Saved

By refusing plastic polybags and using recycled paper shipping envelopes instead, we’ve saved eight thousand kilograms of CO2. We’re also part of the Blue Business Council to support laws in California – now the fifth largest global economy – that protect our ocean from plastic.

900 Toxic Chemicals Avoided

When we can’t upcycle, we’re committed to bluesign® approved textiles, which are certified to avoid the 900 potentially toxic chemicals used to make conventional fabrics.

50,000 lbs Carbon Footprint

The average American’s total carbon footprint tallies up to a whopping fifty thousand pounds each year! We reduce our carbon footprint where we can, and offset where we can’t: In 2019, we supported Mai Ndombe REDD+ in Africa, the second-largest intact rainforest in the world, and Red Hills Wind Farm in Oklahoma.


85% Vegan

Almost all of our products are 100% vegan, which means no animal products or byproducts. The few that aren’t vegan use ethically-raised and humanely-sheared sheep’s wool.


Forest Conservation
Working with the nonprofit Canopy’s Pack4Good and CanopyStyle initiatives, we are committed to protecting the world’s remaining ancient forests and endangered species habitats by eliminating cellulosic fabrics and paper and paper packaging products sourced from these areas by the end of 2022. We will actively support conservation solutions and the use of Next Generation Solutions including agricultural residues and recycled materials. For more information please refer to our full Canopy policy.


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