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Born of Necessity

Make It Right.

Most clothing is poorly made overseas by underpaid workers. Meanwhile, skilled American makers are struggling. Let’s make better products that uplift talented makers. Let’s make it right.

Make It Here.

We’re putting makers in underserved communities back to work, right here in the US. Making clothes in America can uplift communities, produce better products, and revitalize our creative spirit.

Make It Now.

Makers need our help. We couldn’t wait any longer for someone to build a better domestic manufacturing solution, and neither could American Makers. So we’re building one, ourselves.

Our Mission

We’re sick of poorly made clothes produced by grossly underpaid workers in terrible conditions. We’re sick of the ballooning carbon footprint of global fashion, and of rivers running red with excess dye from factories. We’re sick of seeing American makers sitting on the sidelines with immense talent but no opportunity to work and create. And we know you are, too. So we’re making it right.

We’re establishing Community Made pods of Makers in underserved communities across the country to create opportunities for unemployed workers. We’re empowering the consumer with choice. Now, you can choose to buy clothes which uplift communities here in the US. You can choose to buy clothes with fewer miles to travel and a lower carbon footprint. Clothes that offer a point of connection to talented Makers in your own backyard.

Gee's Bend

Gee’s Bend: Quilt making is one of the most culturally significant crafts in the history of the U.S. That makes Gee’s Bend one the country’s most important cultural sites –– the Makers of this small community are renowned for their skill and dedication to upholding the tradition of quilting. Quilts of Gee’s Bend have been shown in museums across the country. In spite of their cultural significance, these makers historically haven’t seen many economic opportunities. The Community Made – Gee’s Bend pod offers its workers a fair wage, and offers people everywhere the chance to connect with t
hese storied Makers.

New York City

Broadway has high standards for costuming. As a result, New York is home to some of the world’s most talented craftspeople –– from seamstresses and seamsters, to pattern drafters and more. When Covid hit New York, the theatre industry shut down and hundreds of Makers had their livelihoods upended. The Community Made – New York pod put these Makers back to work. It continues to provide them the opportunity for additional stable income, and offers our customers quintessential Paskho styles imbued with the touch of these world class Makers.

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