A Note from Patrick:

I want to explain how I founded Paskho - or more accurately— how Paskho found me.
Several years ago I found myself walking through the streets of the New York trapped by my own thoughts. Who I wanted to be and who I had become didn’t match up and I couldn’t find a way forward. My daily routine had muted my passion and I no longer felt inspired by what was around me.

One World Trade Center NYC
Walking just ahead of me was the artist I had wanted to be ever since I was a young designer drawing and sewing my own clothes, using friends as models.  I could go no further without changing direction.
I threw on a backpack and hiked through Yosemite National Park. I needed a connection to the land. That sensation of walking through fields of wet moss, feeling the essence of rocks and trees and sleeping on the earth. Embracing both the beauty and challenges of nature, its generous freedom and ever-present change. Immersed in this Ansel Adams wilderness, I began to develop a clear mindset and consider new possibilities.

Patrick Robinson Yosemite
I came home to New York more lifted than ever, with bags of inspiration and a new passion. I would create a wholly different type of clothing: one that inspires us to spend more time traveling and celebrating our experiences in magical places—the mountain tops of Nepal, the crowded streets of Manhattan, a deserted island in the Seychelles, Paris, Los Angeles, Corsica, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo, wherever your passion takes you and inspires new discoveries.
I sincerely hope Paskho clothing can be an inspiring part of your next life adventure.
Patrick Robinson
Founder & Designer of Paskho

Paskho / pas'-kho / Πάσχω:  noun. Ancient Greek; means Passion, to experience a strong or powerful sensation or feeling.

Egypt Aswan River

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ~ Andre Gide


Patrick Robinson

Bio: Traveler, micro-adventurer, bee and chicken keeper, gardener, inspired cook and an enduring explorer of the creative process.
Career: 25+ years as Chief Creative Officer, transformed multiple iconic brands into profitable global companies in America, Europe, and Asia for Giorgio Armani, Anne Klein, Perry Ellis, Paco Rabanne, Target and Gap.