Essential Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes You Need

Essential Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes You Need

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Traveling is a wonderful pastime that always presents a few challenges. One of these is wrinkles in the clothing you wear. When packing carry-ons for flights or backpacks for lighter trips, it’s invariable that your clothing will be exposed to wrinkles.

If a garment wrinkles, there’s little that can be done to stop it from wrinkling. This is an innate property of the fabric used, especially cotton. Thankfully, many options for wrinkle-free travel clothes exist. 

Paskho puts travel apparel first and foremost in our design process. For this reason, the clothes below are so much more than their wrinkle-resistant properties. They will also feature technical and security features meant to improve your travel experience. 


We are going to start out the list by highlighting a few menswear options. Two tops and two pants make up the essential offerings below.

Euphoria – Handcrafted Luxury V Neck Shirt

We start our list of wrinkle-free clothes with a shirt that has a social and stylistic mission. The Euphoria is named for an overwhelming sensation of joy — which is perfect as this shirt celebrates culture. 

Euphoria is immediately defined by understated embellishments that work precisely because they are understated. Modal in the fabric weave helps the garment resist wrinkles. It uses significantly fewer resources to produce than cotton, giving it a firm place in environmentally-friendly fibers.

This complex fabric weave provides Euphoria with a subtle reflection of light. The texture of the fabric isn’t the most immediately recognizable element of the shirt, however. One look calls attention to a small, contrast-stitched pattern on the neck.

This pattern is handmade by manufacturers in Gee’s Bend, Alabama. They are part of our community-made initiative to restore jobs to historically underserved communities. Gee’s Bend has an important place in the equality and justice of the United States. Through this initiative, we pay homage to their vast legacy.

Curiosity – Tech Travel Henley

To contrast with a v-neck, we have another essential offering for any wardrobe. Our Curiosity takes the familiar henley pattern and imbues it with our passion for technical fabrics and travel clothing. 

Technical fabric protects the garment from wrinkles, water, oil, stains, and most other life hazards. A small slit at the side gives an extra degree of shape and breathability. Use it for a casual look that’s a click above other collarless shirts.

Untethered – Ultimate Travelers’ Multi-Pocket Zipper Pants

The full title of the Untethered sets a high pedigree for excellence. Thankfully, we’re proud to say it lives up to the moniker of “ultimate.” In comfort, style, and, most importantly, security, these pants provide a luxurious upgrade to other travel apparel.

Articulated knees and ergonomic seams allow you to comfortably move and stretch in these pants. Even while reclining mid-transit and walking everywhere, you’ll receive the same degree of comfort. A variety of repellent and wicking properties encourages its use in a wide variety of different contexts.

What really sets the Untethered apart is the rich interiority in its design. Six hidden zipper pockets allow you to carry your essentials on you without betraying their presence. An interior drawcord for the moisture-wicking waistband allows for an easily personalized fit to your pants. This focus on personalization extends to the material itself, which was selected for its ease of hem and alteration.

Travel clothing means clothing that is prepared to adapt to indoor and outdoor situations and countless environments. Untethered takes its name seriously, as you’ll never have to rely on another pair of pants but these.

Wanderlust – Cropped Stretch Tech Travel Trousers

Our next sartorial offering fuses genres by dressing up your casual pants. The Wanderlust features a cropped look that easily matches with formal shoes and loungewear alike. A snap buckle creates an adjustable cuff for your ideal fit. This sense of personalization is carried through in the adjustable waistband, which features a snap closure.

Zippers and snaps along the pockets further shape the figure of these technical trousers, which include four hidden zipper pockets to enhance security. 

The Wanderlust features a stretch-tech fabric for supreme comfort and enhanced durability. Like our previous pants, it repels water, oil, and dirt. It resists abrasion and has significant UV-stopping capabilities.

Ultimately, the Wanderlust exists for those travelers seeking to embrace the elements of the natural world. Neither water nor harsh sunlight nor the travails of city living will prevail upon you. You are free to travel as you wish.


Above, we highlighted a variety of garments. Next, we are going to explore top and bottom garments, as well as outerwear, to complete your look.

Integrity – Luxe Slouchy Merino Travel Tee

There are few natural fibers more wrinkle resistant than the elastic, sublimely comfortable Merino wool that makes up our Integrity. 100% Merino Wool Knit has thermoregulating properties. That way, you can remain in luxe comfort all throughout the day.

Drop sleeves and a wide collar make this the perfect tee to wear in an asymmetrical fashion. Charcoal and midnight black combine for a stunning monochrome palette.

To wash, simply use a cool cycle and then dry flat. If you want a more thorough clean, use a sustainable dry cleaner for your tee.

Green dry cleaning isn’t just an environmental matter; it improves your personal health as well. One of the most common dry cleaning elements is perchloroethylene. Long-term exposure to this chemical has been linked to kidney and liver damage. It is also considered a probable carcinogen. 

In other words, green dry cleaning is the safest option available for both your health and general environmental health. 

Thankfully, because of the fabric, the garment is resistant to wrinkles. Those that do appear can easily be dealt with by using an iron or steam.

Chakra Jacket 

Swiss performance fabric lets you align with style and comfort when wearing the Chakra Jacket. A stark white fabric makes for a stunning contrast with dark-colored underlayers. Two zipper-closure hand pockets provide extra protection for your personal effects.

The Swiss-Made Stretch Tech Fabric mimics some of Merino’s best qualities — stain resistance, temperature regulation, and moisture-wicking properties.

Purity – Meticulous Craftsmanship Pants

Elegance from head to toe begins and ends with the silhouette of your clothing. Purity uses complexly situated seam work to forge an effortless design. 

Visible stitching at the front of the pant leg creates a distinctive, tapered fit. This also makes it easy to alter the garment to your ideal size. Generally, the pants run small, and you’ll want to order one size larger than your usual.

Purity comes in navy and black. Because of this, it makes the perfect companion to dark garments or the contrast piece to lighter articles.

As with many of our best pieces, Purity is built to withstand the elements. The pants block UV rays and water for elemental protection.

Purity deserves its name for another special quality: reclamation. Our Purity pants are made from reclaimed stretch tech fabrics. 

Reclaimed fabrics are fabrics that, for one reason or another, were never purchased in their initial run. In the worst cases, these materials may go straight to a landfill. Textile overproduction is especially likely as production exponentially increases. 

Today, the fashion industry produces nearly ten times as many tons of textiles as it did 60 years ago. Consumerism is similarly increasing during this time. The result is more clothing, but not necessarily better clothing.

All of our offerings seek to counter the culture of consumption surrounding fashion. One comprehensively designed piece of clothing well outweighs the need for several mediocre pieces. It will outlast these, reduce the need to buy more, and look even better than other pieces. 

Serene – Ultra Comfortable Travel Pants 

Purity gets its power through a curated, comfortable structure. Serene instead optimizes a light, tapered silhouette for easy, unstructured use. 

Stretch micro-poly drapes and contorts to your body’s natural frame for a relaxed fit. Red maple, slate, and navy colors offer a variety of options. The legs stop right at the upper ankle. This makes wearing casual shoes or formal heels equally viable when paired with Serene.

Pashko’s Mission

Eliminating wrinkles from your clothing starts with your choice of clothing. Nobody looks forward to needing to get an ironing board out in their hotel room to make themselves look presentable. Choosing wrinkle-resistant fabrics safeguards you from this threat right at the source.

Wrinkle-resistant fabrics are just one way in which we embrace the versatility of travel clothes.
Our minimalist approach creates all-purpose clothing that is fit for any situation. We aim to meld practicality and precision with sleek style and elegance. 

Above are some of our best options for a wrinkle-free journey. For other travel needs, we have other articles at the ready. Find tips to make traveling easier, explanations on what sustainability in fashion means, and more. 



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