The Ultimate Casual Wedding Attire Guide

The Ultimate Casual Wedding Attire Guide

Weddings are a ceremony where old traditions are followed or amended, or perhaps new traditions are established as precedents. Historically, the ceremony is one of the most formal events one ever attends when it comes to wedding attire.

For many reasons, many couples are now adopting a casual wedding dress code. This allows for a more relaxed dress code and mood. However, this dress code, designed to simplify, brings up issues of its own. 

If you veer too casual, you may feel underdressed. If you stick too closely to a formal dress code, you’ll look out of place in a different way. 

The ideal is a dressy-casual look, built for comfort but designed for luxurious style. Below, Paskho is going to delve into what makes the perfect casual wedding outfit. We’ll be including some advice to help you always look your best.

What Is Casual Wedding Attire?

There are several types of clothing for weddings and associated events. Understanding what casual attire is starts with understanding what it isn’t. 

Formal wedding attire is unless otherwise stated, a step below black tie optional. Suits and dresses are the norm, and some may opt for slacks and blazers. Semi-formal wedding attire is just below this and resembles business casual apparel. Even though the clothing itself is becoming more casual, a dressed-up look is still expected.

Also of note is cocktail attire, which is more common for receptions and pre-wedding parties than the wedding itself. This look is dressy, with an eye for glamor rather than the formality associated with the ceremony itself.

For women, this means cocktail dresses and your favorite pair of flats or heels. For men, this usually means a sports coat, collared shirt, and chinos. Ties and bow ties are optional when this is the dress code for wedding guest attire.

Casual wedding attire is about combining comfort and style. Many couples who opt for a casual wedding do so because it reflects their daily life — even t-shirts in some cases.

This dress code can mean various things since many people have differing ideas of what precisely counts as casual apparel. Casual apparel for weddings has an unspoken “business” that comes before it.

Wearing a dress or jacket won’t be overdressing too much, but these articles are also not the standard apparel. However, a tuxedo would definitely be overkill. 

Reasons To Have a Casual Wedding

There are several reasons to have a casual wedding, which may be personal and practical. The most immediately obvious practical reason for a casual wedding is the time of year.

Temperature Considerations

Nearly two-thirds of weddings take place in the summer or fall when temperatures are at their warmest. An outdoor summer or fall wedding can quickly become too hot, which can be tempered by a more casual dress code.

Beach and Destination Weddings

Destination weddings may also demand a dressed-down or thematically appropriate change in apparel.

One of the most popular types of destinations involves beach weddings. This sort of wedding is inherently laid-back and more attuned to nature than a traditional wedding. Beach wedding attire is often casual and may even be specifically festive, with florals and pastels encouraged.

Time of Day

The time of day may also influence the choice to have a casual wedding. In some traditions, couples get formally married at the half-hour mark so that the clock hands begin going upward.

In addition, many wedding ceremonies take place at midday, when the sun is at its highest. This can result in soaring temperatures for outdoor weddings, where there may be little escape from the heat.

Relaxed Atmosphere

All of the above reasons are practical concerns for choosing to have a casual wedding ceremony. There’s also a fairly significant personal reason a couple may choose to have a casual wedding. 

Many of us live our lives in casual apparel, whether that be sportswear or simply business casual clothes. A couple may choose casual wedding attire because they want themselves and their guests to dress, showcasing their daily selves. Authenticity is often a word thrown around in these situations. 

Regardless, the end result is that the wedding party and wedding guests must now find the ideal casual wedding outfit.

Below, we will provide those ideal outfit ideas:

Wedding Apparel for Women

Women have the most varied options for wedding attire. For dresses, a maxi dress or tea-length dress can provide flowing figures and carefully chosen silhouettes. Otherwise, pants and either dress shirts, blouses, or jumpsuits can provide a lovely casual dress look for the upcoming nuptials.

The ultimate casual wedding outfit is one that mixes formality and laid-back relaxation and refined elegance and simplicity. Our first outfit pairs a louche, mid-length tee with a pant whose shape melds semi-formal attire with laid-back casual bliss.

The Integrity

The Integrity is a luxurious, relaxed-fit tee that is all about the drape. The wide neck of the garment can easily be shifted on the torso for an asymmetrical fit. This is a way to dress up and make your usual tee all the sleeker.

The mid-length sleeves drop to the elbows and below, which serves to subtly upgrade the formality of the garment. Pair it with a knee-length skirt or similarly elevated bottom to highlight the shape of the top. 

The piece is made from high-quality, breathable, and cruelty-free Merino wool. This type of wool gives sheep thermoregulating properties and keeps you cool in summer weddings and warm in fall weddings. It’s also perfect for wedding venues where both indoor and outdoor elements may contribute to unpredictable temperatures. 

The Purity

The Purity pant brings a modern, minimalist aesthetic through meticulous seamwork. Seamwork along the front of the pants creates a wave of fabric. Thanks to stretch tech fabrics, this ruffle is supported by unparalleled comfort and water-resistant, moisture-wicking properties.

This top veers more to the casual side. As such, it would pair well with a more formal shirt like a structured blouse. 

Both of these garments are available in a sampling of neutral colors. This makes it easier to pair them with each other or other articles in your wardrobe. It makes it easier to look your absolute best without drawing attention from the couple themselves.

Wedding Apparel for Men

Menswear for weddings is often more regimented in shape and style but still offers ample opportunities for exuding style. Casual menswear goes beyond the usual white shirt and other trappings of business casual apparel. 

The Reflection

The Reflection pants, through their waist and tailored fit, are reminiscent of your favorite chinos, especially as a wedding outfit. When it comes to comfort and personalized fit, however, they far outstrip anything chinos could do. 

4-way stretch fabric resistance shrinkage, moisture, and, importantly, wrinkles. You’ll be perfectly ready for staged or candid photos without worrying about appearances.

Modal fabric has a number of benefits, including being highly breathable for summer weddings. It’s significantly more sustainable than many natural and synthetic fibers, with a lower overall environmental footprint. 

The Soul

Pair the reflection pants with your favorite button-down shirt and oxfords for a dressed-up, semi-formal look. In our case, the Soul is that button-down.

Black satin-twill gives it a lush, softly glimmering appearance that’s especially striking under low-light, evening wedding conditions. A relaxed fit and subtle side seam provide a shape carefully tailored for relaxation. It has the maturity of a dark suit with the comfort of travel-ready wear. 

The Contemplation

The Reflection pants and Soul shirt provide a monochrome, black appearance. For a dash of color, you may consider replacing the pants with the khaki variant of our Contemplation stretch pants. In color and fit, these are created to be the most comfortable khakis you’ll ever own. The same wrinkle-resistant properties that elevate our previous pants are highlighted here. 

An elasticated drawstring waistband, zipper and snap closure are supported by a subtly-stretching blended performance fabric. These pants will help you remain comfortable in any context. Feel free to use them as your new dress pants alternative to enhance any casual look.

Tips for Attending a Casual Wedding

Above, we’ve gone over the essentials of a casual wedding and what to look for in your apparel. There are a few other tips that can help when it comes time to dress.

If the dress code directions on the wedding invitation are unclear, reach out to a bridesmaid or groomsman to check. If you feel uncomfortable being so particular about your outfit, remember that it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. 

A simple way to elevate your look, especially at winter weddings, is layering. Adding a cardigan or blazer adds complexity to your outfit. If it turns out to be too much, you can easily remove the extraneous layer.

Additionally, some things should be avoided unless the dress code specifically states otherwise. These include denim, shorts, and flip-flops. With these tips, you now have everything you need to prepare yourself for your next wedding adventure. 

Paskho: For Weddings and All Other Destinations

Travel and weddings go hand-in-hand. Whether visiting old friends for their special day or going to an external destination, travel is inevitable. It’s for this reason that the apparel specified above also has use as travel apparel. Supreme comfort and elevated style are essential for wedding guests and travelers alike. 


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