What To Wear for Travel: 6 Tips

What To Wear for Travel: 6 Tips

When you’re traveling, what you wear can have a huge impact on your experience. Clothes can make or break your ability to travel — but what makes an outfit suitable for your long flights and road trips?

Here are some tips to consider while picking out your perfect travel day outfit.

Balance Comfort and Style for Air Travel

An ideal travel outfit is both stylish and comfortable. 

Functionality is key here as well — look for pieces that hold your essentials without compromising in terms of style. Think anti-chafing shorts with ample storage for your phone, wallet, and passport, or maybe a cozy cocoon jacket for your daily commute. 

Both of the pieces mentioned above give you a comfortable, high-functioning look that goes way beyond typical loungewear. While it might be tempting to wear worn-out sweatpants and a baggy crewneck on a long-haul flight, you want to look your best. That means wearing travel outfits that make you feel confident and comfy at the same time.

If you’ve been wearing the same loungewear on flights and road trips for years, you’re missing out! It’s time to update your staples.

Look for Breathability 

Breathable clothes help you beat one of your worst enemies while on the road — sweat. Hours-long plane rides can be uncomfortable and stuffy, but they’re even worse when your clothes trap in heat and moisture. 

Wearing clothes made from breathable fabrics — like our Swiss-made stretch tech material — help your body cool down and keep you feeling like yourself while traveling. You’ve probably already experienced enough exhausting flights in your life, so try switching up your travel wardrobe to avoid any more.

Consider a sustainable pair of ultra-comfortable, breathable pants or a loose jersey knit top. These pieces are not only perfect for comfort but are also easy to style. Find pieces that make you look put together but have the comfort you need for a long day.

We use an innovative blend of reclaimed and bluesign fabrics to create sustainable, breathable clothes for the modern traveler. These materials lower the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, leaving you with clothes that are both eco-friendly and ultra-breathable.

Be Prepared for Any Temperature

During your day of travel, you will encounter a wide range of temperatures. Whether you are in the packed line for TSA or on an air-conditioned plane, you want your travel outfit to be suitable for any condition. This is where temperature regulating fabric — like the performance fabrics we use at Paskho — becomes a travel essential!

Pashko’s travel pieces are designed with built-in temperature regulation, which makes them indispensable in the air or on the road. With a temperature-regulating travel hoodie, you’ll feel warm and comfy when it’s cooler and light and airy when it’s warmer.

In addition, layering different travel pieces keeps you prepared for any temperature.
You might be hesitant to layer because it can be a hassle in the TSA line, but you can still easily breeze through airport security when you’re smart about layering. 

A tip for this is to layer pieces that do not need to be removed over your head. Find a zip-up or button-up top layer to make removing your layers effortless. 

If you’re embarking on a road trip, it may be cooler in the morning and get warmer throughout the day. Wear short sleeves instead of longsleeves and light layers underneath your warmer layers so you can stay comfortable. 

Get Creative With Your Outfit Ideas

Layering is also the perfect way to turn your practical, comfortable travel outfit into a fashion statement. 

The best way to spice up an outfit is to theme your layering based on the occasion. For example, if you’re heading straight to lunch from the plane, wearing a a cute zip-up hoodie can help you look put-together while staying comfortable. 

If you’re just looking for something to get you from the airport to your hotel, layering a high-quality tank top under a soft henley can create a cozy air of elegance perfect for a low-stress morning.

Start with a basic foundation for your outfit that is breathable and comfortable, then customize the look based on the occasion with your top layers. 

A Helpful Layering Travel Tip

Be mindful to choose top layers that are wrinkle-resistant in case you need to quickly put it away into your carry-on bag. This tip is also great for packing in general — pack items that do not wrinkle easily to avoid the hassle of using a hotel ironing board. 

This also avoids the problem of looking sloppy after a long-haul flight once you’ve arrived at your destination. Keep your travel wardrobe looking fresh with wrinkle-resistant materials.

Wear Staple Pieces

For your travel day fit, choose basic foundational pieces that can be restyled. This reduces the amount of clothing you’ll need to pack for your trip. 

If you want to pack lightly, wear a loose-fittingt-shirt that can be worn by itself during transit or layered under a cute blazer or merino woolcardigan throughout your trip. Consider wearing pants that can be worn for casual and professional events as well to give your travel day outfit even more wearability. 

The Travel Staples

When you’re traveling, an ideal outfit might include the following pieces:

  • Overwear: The hoodie sweatshirt is the quintessential piece of overwear for travel. You probably already have a signature hoodie that you wear on flights, but it might lack some essential features in terms of comfort and style. Swap it for a technical jacket or travel-tech blazer for a completely transformed look.
  • Base Layer: A t-shirt is a travel staple for more casual flights, but you might want to swap your tee for a travel polo from time to time. Adding a collar to your look can instantly boost your confidence and tie your outfit together.
  • Pants or Shorts: A modern pair of travel pants or shorts is a far-cry from basic loungewear. Our Wild Long-Haul Flight Pants are built with sweat-wicking fabric and ergonomic seams to keep you unbelievably comfortable on hours-long flights.

Be a Travel Minimalist

Whether you’re on your daily commute or flying to another continent, dead weight is a hassle. If you want to stay ahead of schedule and avoid travel stress, minimalism is the way to go. Simplifying your wardrobe with high-quality, stylish pieces goes a long way here, but there’s more to travel minimalism than that.

In addition to minimizing the clothes you pack, try to apply minimalism to your luggage choices. If you notice that your suitcase often has ample space in it when you’re done packing, it’s time to downsize. For shorter trips, a tote bag or crossbody bag might be all you need. 

Even on week-long business excursions, you can still easily get away with packing light — you just have to choose quality over quantity. For example, swapping three pairs of colored slacks for a modernist, neutral-colored pair of Reflection Pants can save you space and simplify your wardrobe without sacrificing style.

Travel Hack: Look For UV Protective Clothing

Everyone knows to bring SPF with them on vacation, but not everyone remembers to protect themselves while traveling. The sun still emits UVA and UVB rays, some of which can enter through the windows of a car or plane.

One of the best ways to protect yourself while traveling is to wear UV stop clothing. 

What Is UV Stop?

UV stop clothing protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The fabric blocks UV from getting through to your skin. It is important to take care of your skin and UV-stop clothing is a great, sunscreen-free way to do so. 

Where To Find UV Stop Clothing

Looking for sustainable, breathable, UV-protective clothing that doesn't sacrifice comfort? Paskho has a variety of selections of UV-blocking clothing for both men and women. 

There You Have It!

We have explored all the criteria for the perfect travel day outfit, but here’s a quick recap:

  1. Wear something equally comfortable and fashionable
  2. Make sure your clothing is breathable, wrinkle resistant, and sustainable
  3. Layers are key to meeting comfort with style
  4. Wear staple pieces for minimal packing
  5. Streamline your luggage
  6. Look for UV-protective clothing

We all want a positive travel experience, and the outfit you choose to wear makes a big impact on your day. Effortless travel starts with the outfit you wear, so stick to these 6 tips to ensure that you are both comfortable and well dressed for your travel day!

Of course, the best travel clothes aren’t just comfortable — they’re good for the world, too. Paskho is a socially responsible brand that battles racism and social inequality in the U.S. through our Community-Made Initiative. We’re making your comfy and fashionable travel clothes in American communities that have had their livelihoods unjustly stripped from them. 

With every stitch and every style, we’re designing a product that looks good, feels good, and does good all at once.



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