Women’s Business Casual Outfit Ideas for 2022

Women’s Business Casual Outfit Ideas for 2022

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It’s 2022, and nowhere is the fashion world undergoing more exciting change than in the workplace. Business casual means something different in a world where remote work is the new normal for many. For one workplace, it may mean spaghetti straps and comfortable pants. For another, it may mean pantsuits and pencil skirts. 

The goal here is to provide comprehensive wardrobe options for any workplace and any situation. These are going to include flattering business casual pants as well as minimalist, comfortable tops. 

Even though we are going to highlight specific outfits, many options here are easily mixed and matched. For that reason, this guide can provide the basis for a complex workwear capsule wardrobe.

Outfit #1: An Elegant Drape That Plays With Figure

One of the key elements in any outfit is how it fits. Every piece of clothing you wear frames the body in some way.

Here we have two options to play with figure to create stunning silhouettes:


The Shakti Pants are immediately recognizable for their long, wide legs. These provide a powerful, relaxed figure that’s ideal with open or closed-toe dress shoes. They pair equally well with business casual tops in the workplace or casual tees and blouses outside of it. 

These billowing pants fit large to size, so feel free to take one size down. If length is an issue, their fabric is specifically chosen to be easily altered. This way, any issues of size are easily resolved. 


We choose to pair them today with business casual attire that also delights in unique fits. Luminous features a natural fit along the body of the garment, with slight ruffles along the sleeve. The result is business casual attire that is relaxed without being shapeless and breathable without being informal.

The key to its power comes from a decadently woven Merino wool pattern. This fabric does not wrinkle easily, but that is just the beginning of its strength. The material has a 4-way stretch to prevent discomfort and is highly breathable and moisture-resistant. 

Merino wool is also known for being thermoregulating. Even though this work outfit favors a dark wash over bright colors, you won’t need to worry about the heat.

Importantly, this garment is made from cruelty-free Merino wool. Historically, wool has derived from unsafe practices. However, recent evolutions in national ethics have resulted in completely safe and sustainable methods that treat animals ethically. 

Accent with your favorite jewelry and pair with your favorite business casual shoes to embrace the power this outfit provides.

Outfit #2: Polished and Casual With Cropped Fits

Our second outfit changes gears by creating a fit that’s more tapered and sensual than relaxed and elegant. It’s perfect for any casual Friday or for more relaxed office environments.


The Sanctuary is available in three different colors that speak completely different social languages. Black and dark green provide dark, humble colors for minimalist aesthetics and neutral colors. New blue creates a richly saturated silhouette for those who don’t mind garnering attention.

The fabric of these pants resists abrasions, protects from UV rays, and repels water, oil, and dirt. In short, it is built to endure and last beautifully in most work environments, even under the duress of accidents. 

A cropped fit and snaps at the cuffs give it a lighthearted, relaxed look with a hemline that also serves to highlight the footwear of your choice. The crop provides the ultimate opportunity to highlight any flats you may pair with it. 

For convenience's sake, the Sanctuary features several hidden pockets. This provides both security by keeping your belongings secret and convenience by holding them at all.

The history of women being denied the use of pockets started in the 1700s. Frankly, this history should also be left in the 1700s.

We pair these practical pants with a sensual addition to your office attire. The Cherished is a tunic whose scoop neckline and relaxed shape give a lush feel to any outfit. A slight asymmetrical hem gives a relaxed, carefree appearance.

4-way stretch fabric gives it the finishing touch to be the perfect top layer. Accessorize with your favorite necklaces and jewelry to complete the look.

Outfit #3: Luxe Softness, Relaxed Fits 

This next outfit is designed to not just meet your company’s dress code but to elevate your casual wardrobe. It strikes the right balance between casual wear and business attire to refresh you and make your workday easier. 


Rejuvenate helps you function through a phenomenally soft, sustainable micro modal stretch knit. This same knit provides resistance to moisture, wrinkling, and shrinkage for the reliable garment to support your entire day. These aren’t your standard track pants, nor are they your usual dress pants.

These exist somewhere in between. The minimalist style and carefully chosen structure of the pants support versatility. An ultra-soft waistband and drawstring ensure the optimal fit. A sustainably-grown fabric uses less water than other materials for the best environmental impact. 


We pair these not with a collared shirt but with the Integrity. This slouch tee, with long sleeves down to the forearm, is compelling without being overpowering. The drop sleeves and wide-cut neckline encourage a relaxed, asymmetrical fit. Mulesing-free Merino encourages ethical fashion practices while providing stunningly soft material.

We hold that ethicality to task when it comes to every phase of production. Integrity earns its name, in part, due to its certification. Bluesign® approval means that every phase, from textile creation to clothing manufacturing to transport, is performed with high standards. These standards include ethical and environmentally sustainable practices. 

We are beginning to reach the point where more people use sustainable materials than don’t. It is still essential to make sure that all phases of production, not just the end result, are sustainable. 

Refresh your work apparel with an understated, lushly comfortable look that belies a not-so-hidden environmental message. Pair with your favorite loafers, stilettos, or other dress shoes for a complete look.

Outfit #4: Asymmetrical Fits for Distinguished Looks


Our next option pairs sleeveless asymmetry with a relaxed, elegant, and easy drape. The Escape has a straight-leg fit that opens up for a flared leg at the bottom. The result is an eye-catching yet sleek break on whatever casual office shoes you wear. 

Beyond style itself, the Escape repels water and has an interior drawcord for a personalized fit. Its relaxed fit is well-balanced by the more fitted design of its paired tank. 


Exquisite rightfully earns its name for a variety of reasons. The first reason is its unparalleled softness, thanks to a sustainable comfort blend of fabrics. This supports the slim fit of the garment while also reducing wrinkles. 

Another reason is an asymmetrical drape with its apex at the front-right of the garment. This turns the traditional sleeveless tank into something worth wearing chicly in a work environment. 

These garments are designed under a guiding premise of simplicity: True beauty is found when things are broken down to their most basic essence. This eliminates unnecessary consumed resources, and any embellishment which takes away from the whole. The result is focused garments that are pure in comfort and style. 

The Escape is available in black and gray, while the Exquisite is available in white and black. In any pairing, accessories make the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color. Alternatively, going full monochrome can create just as sterling an impression.

Outfit #5: A Layered Power Outfit

Our last outfit uses layering to create a complex business professional outfit. Our layers don’t invoke a blazer or sport coat, however, but a luxurious cardigan.


We’ll start from the bottom with the Resilience. The shape and fit are inspired by Indian fashions, especially the fabric detailing along the secure zipper pockets. A slim fit is made comfortable thanks to the performance-enhancing fabric with a moisture-wicking finish.


Going up our work wardrobe showcases the Aura. The fit here is somewhere between slim and natural and is especially highlighted by rolled sleeves. A warm cream color makes it the perfect way to add a robust highlight to your business casual look. A mix of various comfort fibers makes it the ideal bottom layer.


Specifically, it’s the ideal bottom layer for our exemplary cardigan. In name, Monastic summons the humility of monks, but the style it presents is far different. The small-to-size fit is exceptionally soft, thanks to the inclusion of Merino wool. It is the perfect travel companion, whether for your work wardrobe or days spent on the go.

Women’s Casual Outfit Ideas

Appropriate business apparel is changing as quickly as business casual dress codes are. As button-down shirts and dress slacks are replaced by tunics and leggings, the work environment also changes. For new jobs and job interviews, apparel will likely continue to skew towards the formal. 

Otherwise, we are at the precipice of a new evolution in business casual clothing. Casual is now business casual.


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