5 Travel-Friendly Outfit Ideas in 2022

5 Travel-Friendly Outfit Ideas in 2022

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The most popular travel destinations for those leaving the US are Mexico, Canada, and several West European nations. This demands apparel well-suited to multiple environments. 

Paskho has gathered several essential travel outfits to elevate your look anywhere you want to go. Below, we will cover both men’s and women’s apparel; read on for our guide to the best travel apparel.

Outfit 1: Ergonomic Comfort for Men

The Enchant

Our first men’s outfit is going to highlight ergonomic design and simple quality.

The Enchant is a modernization of the long-sleeved tee. A curved, drooping hem in the back gives a unique silhouette. A 100% cotton knit provides essential comfort, whether sedentary or on-the-go. The essence of the Enchant lies in understated performance.

The Ability

So, it makes clear sense to pair it with a pant that’s finely tuned in every category. Going from the waist down, the Ability is a formidable garment that’s a must-have for any traveler. The moisture-wicking waistband hides an interior drawcord for a streamlined waist and a perfectly tailored, adjustable fit. A zipper fly and snap closure gives it a classic shape and appearance. 

The pants feature four hidden zipper pockets, hiding their presence and keeping all your personal items doubly protected. Few garments, if any, are better suited to protection from pickpockets. 

If the Ability was simply a good pair of pants with security measures, it would already be wonderfully travel-friendly. However, it has the comfort and technical elements to enhance it even further. An extremely comfortable 4-way stretch technical fabric provides sublime comfort while offering a full range of movement for numerous activities. 

The pants stay clean and dry longer thanks to water, oil, and dirt-repellent design. If the fit isn’t absolutely perfect, it is designed to be hemmed and altered with ease. 

Come any weather and a variety of temperatures, this first outfit will be perfectly ready to support comfort and safety. 

Outfit 2: Relaxed Apparel for Your Next Adventure for Women

Travel-friendly apparel doesn’t always demand extra security measures. Sometimes, what people need most is a performance fabric that offers comfort and the freedom to feel the air blowing. Our second outfit pairs a tunic and shorts for a breezy, lighthearted approach to adventure. 

The Cherished

The name Cherished suggests something dear, beloved, and in some way familiar. This tunic features many beloved iconic elements, improved by a dash of something new. 

A scoop neckline and subtle drape create a dynamic moment of intrigue. The relaxed, sensual fit of the tunic offers the right level of lushness without ever being baggy. A side slit provides the perfect opportunity for an effortlessly hanging drop asymmetrical hem.

As remarkable as the fit is, the fabric itself shines. The 4-way stretch fabric is bluesign® approved. What this means is that it meets some of the most restrictive environmental standards in every step of production. This certification exists as a way to combat the mass use of unsustainable practices and chemicals in the fashion industry. 

The Sukha

We’ve chosen to pair it with our Sukha shorts. The name translates to ease, happiness, or bliss in Sanskrit. In other words, it has the perfect synergy of feelings we want to evoke in a pair of travel shorts. 

They are designed to evoke both the natural and fabricated worlds of natural wonders and manmade artistry. A sultry black and bold, bright green color options further emphasize this dichotomy. 

These cotton shorts also feature an infusion of stretch fabric to provide an extra degree of comfort. They are finished with deep, oversized pockets. For casual, warm-weather comfort anywhere you go, this pairing offers a splash of color to your wardrobe. 

Outfit 3: A Tapered, Subtle Stretch for Men

The Euphoria

Our next outfit is one that highlights a delicate tapered look with a historical lens. We pair a high-performance set of stretch track pants with a Community-Made shirt with true significance. 

The Euphoria is a handcrafted luxury V-neck shirt. It is made from a complexly woven fabric, including organic cotton. Using organic cotton helps us fight for environmental justice by encouraging sustainable farming practices in the textile industry. The shirt itself features elegant contrast stitching along the neckline.

What makes Euphoria special is not the garment itself but the artists behind it. Each shirt is handcrafted by one of the Makers of Gee's Bend. Gee’s Bend has been home to several generations of quilters descended from enslaved people forced to work under Joseph Gee. In the mid-twentieth century, the quilters of Gee’s Bend became one of the most significant art collectives in the nation. 

Our Community-Made initiative serves to give jobs to those unjustly served by society. In this way, we can both support the Makers and the enduring legacy of Gee’s Bend as a whole.

The Contemplation

It is appropriate, in name, that we pair such a celebratory shirt with a pant named Contemplation. With Micro-Modal Stretch Knit, these are designed to be a luxuriously comfortable part of pants. 

The fabric is resistant to wrinkling, shrinkage, and moisture to keep you looking and feeling at your peak for longer. These pants and our other garments are also sourced in the United States. This means that fiscally, they support the strength of communities across the nation.

With fabric resistance to wrinkling and shrinkage, they ensure you look professional and well-kept in all your travel endeavors. 

Outfit 4: Travel in Elegant Attire for Women

Elegance and comfort belong together. A stylized wide-legged pant and delicately-styled tank prove as much. 

The Spatial Purity

Our Spatial Purity tank is available in a wide variety of colors. Stick to tradition with heather black, white, and grey melange, or subtly upend the standards with a navy tank. A center-back seam streamlines the seamwork of the garment, giving it a more put-together look. A natural drape positively accentuates the frame, while the fabric gives the piece a soft glow. 

The use of micro-soft poly gives the piece a luxurious softness as well as quick-drying properties. If you ever get caught in the rain, you’ll be dry in no time.

The Shakti Pants

We pair this tank with the equally formidable Shakti Pants. These wide-legged pants provide a carefully selected, flowing look to any ensemble. It’s perfect for casual appointments and laid-back retreats. The material, woven from organic cotton, modal, and linen, gives enhanced breathability to an already ethereal garment.

Unhemmed, the pants will just barely break on the shoe. They are designed to be easily cut and altered to fit any height. It also uses a waistband rather than a cinched waist to provide a flattering waistline. Two front pockets bring practicality to the garment beyond its already comfortable and stylish presence.

Shakti is another Sanskrit word, here signifying ability, strength, power, and capability. It’s the perfect word to describe the qualifications these pants profess. As another garment produced in Gee’s Bend, Alabama, it continues a powerful lineage of strength and resilience.

This outfit is specially selected to provide power and poise to anyone who desires it. 

Option 5: The Humble Traveling Outfit for Men

Travel clothes should be stylish without marking you out as a tourist. That sort of disregard for anonymity prevents you from truly becoming one with your environment. For this reason, our final outfit emphasizes wardrobe staples pushed to the limits of technical precision.

The Curiosity

Our Tech Travel Henley, Curiosity, turns an immediately recognizable shape on its head through technical fabrics. A side seam on the garment serves to enhance its shape, while our familiar technical weave gives a matte appearance.

The result is comfortable, moisture-wicking, and resistant to wrinkles. It’s the perfect fit to take you straight from a long ride to your first day out and about.

The Genius

In texture and color, it is the perfect complement to our Genius zip pocket travel shorts. The black heather and navy Curiosity pairs well with the dark grey Genius in deep, sensuous shades. 

These tech shorts utilize welded seams and 4-way stretch material for ultimate longevity. The short is water, oil, and dirt repellent, featuring a waterproof zipper. In other words, with UV protection as well, these shorts are prepared for any element. 

The dual-purpose zip pockets also provide a special enhancement that few other items possess: interior and exterior pockets. The exterior pockets are for your hands and other small personal items. The interior pockets are for your dearest possessions: Phone, wallet, passport, and more.

In other words, with this combination, the humble traveler will be augmented with the best in security clothing. With this last offering, we finish our list. Choosing the right outfit, however, is still up to you.

Choosing Your Ideal Outfit

The right outfit requires a thorough understanding of your destination. 

Thankfully, with breathability, and a minimalist aesthetic easily allowing layering, our travel clothing has the necessary versatility. The apparel will get you there. Whether you choose shorts and a top to stay cool or use breathable layers for UV protection is your choice. No matter how you want to dress or where you want to go, Paskho will be there, offering travel essentials.



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