What Is the Best Clothing for Travel? 5 Tips

What Is the Best Clothing for Travel? 5 Tips

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Traveling puts you in a variety of situations. If you’re on an airplane, your main duty is to not miss your flight and relax in the air. On a road trip, you need to be surveilling the road or the radio, depending on driver or passenger duties. Once you arrive, major cities and cozy retreats demand an entirely different set of skills. 

Traveling across climates and situations forces you to be versatile. You should be able to expect the same from your clothing. The best travel clothing should be a fusion of form and function and of comfort and style.

For Paskho, travel clothing is one of our greatest passions. Read on to learn the essentials to look for in the perfect travel clothes. 

Tip #1: Special Considerations for Travel Clothes

Your first two considerations in your travel clothes should be your means of transport and the climate of your destination. 

For cold weather, you are going to want varying thicknesses of fabrics. You’ll also want your base layers to be made of moisture-wicking performance fabrics. Cotton can easily become soaked if exposed to direct moisture, like accumulated sweat.

You’ll also want to make sure you have wrinkle-resistant clothing packed in your carry-on. Whether or not something wrinkles depends on the base fabric. Cottons and linens tend to wrinkle easily. Wool and many synthetic fibers tend to resist wrinkles effectively. 

If you’re going out in warmer months, you’re likely going to sweat. Even in cooler months, vacillating indoor temperatures are liable to increase moisture. The solution here is to hunt down travel gear that has moisture-wicking properties, including bras, joggers, and more. These travel-friendly staples will keep you comfortable all day.

Tip #2: What To Look For in Bottoms

Our versatile hiking pants are all made with special travel considerations in mind. Paskho uses a great deal of performance textiles in our designs. These athleisure pieces offer enhanced longevity, quick-drying for rainy weather, and wrinkle-free fabrics to keep you looking your best at all times.

We also consider another factor of special importance to world travelers: Safety.

In cases where your pockets are easily visible, you are easily marked as a target for pickpockets and more. Many of our travel pants feature both zippered pockets and hidden pockets. Hidden pockets make it difficult to tell where you are keeping your personal effects. Zippers make it even more difficult to steal anything, even if your pockets are identified. 

Yoga pants and standard sweatpants don’t have that luxury. They either don’t have enough pocket space or have too easily accessible pockets. Those last two details in tandem can make it easy to steal things before you notice they are even missing.

Paskho’s luxe travel pants address these issues for all travelers, present and future. Our technical fabrics do everything they can to keep you feeling comfortable as you explore. 

Our dedication to practical fashion keeps you feeling secure and looking great throughout your biggest adventures. Our commitment to sustainability does all it can to elevate our designs beyond greatness into true excellence.

Tip #3: What To Look For in Your Tops

Your top layers may seem like the more straightforward type of garment to shop for. After all, every fashion brand in existence has its own version of the t-shirt. However, top garments require the same careful consideration as other wardrobe necessities. 

The shape and structure of most shirts make it all the more tempting to fold them tightly in a suitcase. However, if the shirt is linen or cotton, the top will wrinkle over the course of the journey. We prefer wrinkle-resistant fabrics that let you pack ergonomically without disrupting your packed apparel. 

You should consider both temperature and sun exposure wherever you go. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends wearing sunscreen or some form of sun protection every day. This sun protection can even come in the form of a long sleeve shirt or button-down, provided it has UPF. 

UPF is sort of like SPF, but for your clothing. It calculates how much a given article does for your skin. As such, a long sleeve shirt or hoodie will be better than a tank top. Regardless of whether you use UPF or SPF to protect your skin, you still need to pay attention to materials. A water-resistant, sun-resistant travel wardrobe will go further than standard short sleeve cotton tees.

One of our favorite fabrics to integrate is ethically sourced, cruelty-free merino wool. Merino wool is noted for a subtle elasticity that resists wrinkling, as well as a thermoregulating component. 

This wool is able to respond to excessive heat or cold by expelling or retaining heat as necessary. This unique property sets it apart from nearly every other fabric used in fashion manufacturing. 

Tip #4: Our Personal Favorites

Many of our favorite garments are easy to highlight, as they are all best-selling, long-term favorites. Below, we highlight both women’s and men’s travel options.

Womenswear Travel Clothing

The Charm is an understated, gorgeously designed slim-fit jersey. It’s designed to comfortably hug the body, and is fittingly wrinkle-resistant. A soft side seam allows for a subtle drooping hem in the back, shaping the piece. Its single black option makes for an evocative addition to any outfit.

We suggest pairing it with the Harmonious travel pant. A straight, unstructured leg paired with UV-protective and water-repellent fabric makes it a stalwart addition to any travel dress code.

Menswear Travel Clothing

For men, the Innovator reshapes what casual apparel can be and what a men’s polo can be. The stretchy, ethically certified fabric incorporates merino wool to enhance its comfort and moisture-resistant properties. A front zip placket and contrast-colored collar and sleeve accents give it a sportily shaped silhouette. 

A genre-defying shirt deserves an equally genre-defying pant. The Wanderer utility pant is meant to invoke the image of travel across vast distances. 

Its silhouette immediately reveals its purpose as an effective travel garment. Two zippered pockets provide security, while deep cargo pockets add a practical embellishment at the knees of the garment. The fabric is designed to be easily hemmed or altered, so you can change it to fit your own personal aesthetics.

These clothing items have disparate designs, but all share one fundamental similarity: They are created with both the traveler wearing them and the producer making them in mind.

We would now like to share the final finishing touch that turns great clothing into exceptional travel apparel.

Tip #5: What You’ll Find in Paskho’s Travel Clothing

It would be disingenuous to highlight travel apparel in general without mentioning how Paskho raises the bar in particular. We produce both men’s and women’s travel clothing, with an aesthetic inspired by minimalist principles. 

Our fabrics are primarily vegan, and when they are not, they are sourced using ethical, cruelty-free acquisition methods. Even our vegan materials are sourced equitably to help promote healthy habits in the fashion industry.

We absolutely reject the practice of mulesing and the negative impact it has on sheep. Additionally, we seek to curtail the chemical impacts of synthetic fiber production and waste and the high water usage in cotton production.

Our clothing is made for travelers who love to see the world and who equally love to see it preserved. We use nearly half reclaimed fabrics to ensure that nothing goes to waste. The only way the fashion industry will change is if consumers, retailers, and businesses alike unify to uphold it.

Every garment we produce is backed by that sustainable message. We use bluesense® textiles because of their ethical production values. We produce clothing with hidden pockets to protect travelers from situational dangers. Our clothing is built for comfort and anti-wrinkling to protect them from ever feeling or looking suboptimal.

Paskho is unique due to our dedication to improving what fashion can be. We see a world that prioritizes fast fashion more and more, and we push back. We want better interactions and deeper interactions. We want to showcase an ethic that matches our desire to see the world in all its natural glory.

The Best Clothes for Traveling

In its base state, travel clothing is any piece of clothing that serves world adventurers well. They can safeguard our most important possessions and keep you comfortable in the airport and the area you travel to.

At Paskho, our travel clothing is a means of interacting with the world. It melds casual and dressy apparel and allows the wearer to go in comfort.

At the end of it all, the best apparel for travel is clothing you feel comfortable in. Even when you sweat, it should be clothing you feel comfortable in. When you’re in a busy city street, potentially rife with pickpockets, it should be clothing you feel comfortable in.

With this mission in mind, we seek to change the fashion world by improving ourselves.



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