5 Essential Summer Outfit Ideas

5 Essential Summer Outfit Ideas

Summer is the time to go all-out on your warm-weather apparel before fall ushers in another cold season. It’s the time for swimsuits at beaches and mini skirts and midi skirts in the streets. It’s time for retro outfit inspiration to create a new modern style.

You may still have summer travel plans, as travel numbers are approaching pre-pandemic levels. If you do, you’ll need to be prepared with the perfect apparel to send you on your way.

At Paskho, we deliver apparel meant for all seasons. We cultivate an essential minimalist style that lets the quality and joy of the garment shine through. 

Through this lens, we’ve gathered five essential summer outfits for both men and women. Read through, and find inspiration for anything the season may bring you. Our outfits are dedicated to sweltering days, cool nights, and carefree travel.

Outfit 1: A Luxe Tank and Pants for Carefree Days

The tank top, like the t-shirt, is one of the most basic articles of clothing in our wardrobes. For that reason, a quality tank needs to be truly exceptional to set itself apart.

The Spatial Purity is that strappy garment, ready to be the foundation of our first casual summer outfit. You can easily pair it with a maxi skirt or a pair of white jeans, but we prefer to match this piece with our Rejuvenate pants.

The natural drape is just fitting enough to flatter the figure without hugging extraordinarily tight. Gray melange, white, and heather black cover all neutral hues for the exact color you’d prefer. A simple back seam offers a modest highlight to an otherwise exceptional garment. 

Micro-poly gives the tank supreme comfort and quick-drying properties. Wear it to the beach, or else layer with a cardigan or jacket for the ultimate relaxed summer style.

Our personal pairing choice for this tank is the Rejuvenate pants. The slim-fit taper reflects back on the close fit of the tank top. An ergonomic design leaves you feeling comfortable and unrestricted at a time when freedom should be at an all-time high.

A micro modal knit helps regulate your temperature on the hottest of days, while an elasticated waistband ensures comfortable fits. 

Intentional Design Features and Decisions

The pockets are placed so as to be partially hidden and to reduce any baggy appearance on the pants. What’s more is that the fabric is highly resistant to wrinkling, shrinkage, and moisture. In short, it has everything to keep you cool, comfortable, and dry during summer, shy of swimming in it. 

This is the best look for on-the-go adventures. Coverage keeps you protected from the sunlight without ever distracting you from your daily joy. Finish with white sneakers or another casual shoe for the ideal breezy summer look.

Outfit 2: Low Coverage for Maximum Relaxation

No list of cute summer outfits is complete without a shirt and a pair of shorts. Taken together, these create an immediately recognizable silhouette. In summer, they can be used as loungewear or as casual daily apparel. It all starts with the Tranquil.

This Merino Wool knit is an impeccable material for the summer months. It has a 4-way-stretch, it’s highly breathable, and it is temperature regulating for the ideal summer fabric.

Even better, the material is bluesign®-certified for the sustainable practices used in fabricating it. Your classic oversized tee has never felt this good. Pair it with overalls or denim shorts for a retro look — or our Sukha shorts.

Here, we’re attaching it to an equally ambitious short. “Sukha” means ease, joy, or bliss — a well-deserved name for these carefree shorts. Its ultra-soft stretch fabric provides ease of movement and an instantly recognizable air of comfort. 

Sustainable Labor Practices

Also essential is the local manufacturing of the shorts: The Sukha is manufactured in New York as part of our Community-Made projects.

Paskho’s Community-Made Initiative seeks to give back to local communities by sourcing labor. This provides more jobs and equitable wages. Local manufacturing helps to reduce the environmental impact of fashion design

Outfit 3: Transitional Wear for Late Nights

As summer nears its end, cooler temperatures set in for the evenings. Date night summer looks at the end of the season will require transitional garments: not too warm and not too cold. For outfit inspiration in this category, look no further than fusing Dignity and Serene.

Dignity is a scoop neck tee whose subtle structure gives equal parts sleek softness and understated elegance. 4-way stretch fabric provides just the extra bit of coziness needed in the garment, and its breathable nature is perfect for mild weather. 

Once cold weather sets in, layer it with a denim jacket or vest for the optimal seasonal look. Otherwise, wear it solo with your tote slung over your shoulder for a lighthearted boho summer look. 

The Serene offers the promise of incomparable comfort and the subtle allure of a potentially asymmetrical fit. An elasticated, moisture-wicking band of fabric along the waist offers ample opportunity to tie to fit snugness or shape. Red maple, slate, and navy options provide versatile colors appropriate to any season.

When you try on the Serene, you’ll immediately notice its banded cuffs for a tapered fit and wrinkle resistance. You’ll also likely notice a hidden security feature: Two front zipper pockets help to keep all your essentials secure and protected. 

Outfit 4: Pared Down Menswear To Beat the Heat

There is strength and beauty to be found in simplicity. Our menswear options here take your shorts and shirt, deconstruct them to their essentials, and elevate their performance. 

With Wisdom, a complex asymmetrical cut in a unique taper. A side seam allows for a breezy ruffle of fabric along the left side. A unique fabric weave provides total comfort and sustainable ethics. In particular, the use of organic cotton promotes environmentally-healthy farming practices. You can easily pair this shirt with a cardigan for a business casual look. 

Organic Materials

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, resulting in cleaner designs and better agriculture. Pesticides harm soil and wildlife, leading to long-term soil degradation. There are many reasons to use organic cotton, and this is just one of them. 

Our Sukha short is a unisex garment available to men and women. It maintains the same fundamentals here that we listed earlier. Both black and bright green styles offer a diverse means of styling your summer fashion.

With the environmental mission of Wisdom and the social mission of Sukha, this summer outfit is dedicated to improvement. Already, they improve the article of clothing they are based on.

However, with manufacturing, we prove that every aspect of fashion design deserves scrutiny. Only through this level of dedication can we truly create a garment worth being proud of.

Outfit #5: Comfort for the Eternal Traveler

Our last outfit highlight is a comfy choice to complete your summer wardrobe. The top of this is a tech travel henley designed to help you travel in style. Curiosity is well-suited for wanderers and explorers who want to make the most of long summer days. 

An upward-tilting side cutout results in an oval-shaped hem. Meanwhile, high-quality performance fabric provides high breathability, wrinkle protection, and a matte finish.

We pair it here with the Genius. These travel shorts help to make the most of a trendy design through conscious construction elements dedicated to enhancing its performance. These include ultrasonic welded seams for a more ergonomic fit. This style of seamwork reduces chafing by simplifying the seams and results in a more durable, long-lived garment.

It also manages to repel water, oil, dirt, and even UV rays. This, in combination with a waterproof zipper, makes these the ultimate travel shorts. 

Pocket Protection

Two-in-one zip pockets serve to subtly improve the outfit. An exterior pocket is perfect for your hands, while an interior zip pocket protects your dearest possessions. 

This final outfit is ideal for adventurers who want to safeguard their possessions on the go. With both garments thoroughly in the arena of technical apparel, there are a few options that would further enhance your outfit.

The Essence of Summer

Summer fashion is more than crop tops and summer dresses. It includes essential technical apparel and silhouettes ranging from tees to button-downs to casual henleys. A midi dress or pair of wide-leg pants might be your current summer favorite, but we have all the new staples your wardrobe needs.

Our summer apparel is meant for more than just hot summer days and having something to cover up your bikini top at the beach. The thermoregulating nature of travel apparel makes it viable across seasons and even across climates.

When you invest in one outfit, you choose apparel meant to last all year round. Whether as loungewear, daily outfits, or vacation aesthetics, your style is guaranteed through wrinkle and weather-resistant designs.

Even more significant than the designs themselves or the minimalist aesthetic is the sustainable mission behind it all. We want to redefine the relationship we have with our clothing.

To do so requires us to think better, design better, and be more cognizant of how each stitch impacts the environment. In doing so, we redefine the relationship we have with the world. 


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