Everyday, Is, Really, An Excursion

Everyday, Is, Really, An Excursion


The Paskho ethos is this:

everyday—all day—is an adventure. 


This does not mean adventure, necessarily, in the

cinematic and swashbuckling ways with

which the term is so regularly loaded. 




It means that life, even when regular and repeated and

unspectacular, should always be left open to discovery

—that something on your morning commute or another

thing on your lunch hour might register and resonate

long after the moment has occurred. 



This is what we believe in at Paskho—creating clothes

for the explorer, far-flung, or just outside your front door. 

It may be witnessing a random act of kindness—all

too rare, it seems, in this day and age—or an unusual

visual composition. Light reflected from the tail lamps

of a passing car, painting the room in ruby swaths;

angular graffiti carved into a subway seat; a flower

in a window across the way. 




We love the idea of cinematic and swashbuckling

adventure, too—especially as an aspirational

informant upon the day-to-day. The sense of

both dreaming big but realizing we’re small,

in the grand scheme of things; open skies

and starry nights; unlimited visibility and

unrestricted freedom.

Paskho is fueled by this want for, this need for, discovery. 

– Patrick


Stay tuned here for our adventures (and feel free to share yours with us, too).