Top 9 Most Comfortable Work Pants

Top 9 Most Comfortable Work Pants

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People operate at their best when they are able to be comfortable at work. For apparel to make you feel good, it has to meet two crucial needs.

First, you need to like the way you look. This can give you an innate sense of comfort and confidence in everything you do. Whether you’re into high-waisted, mid-rise, or low-ride pants, your work pants should give you the look you want.

Secondly, you need to be physically comfortable. Work apparel has many associations, but comfort is not one of them. At the same time, true leisure apparel is not necessarily accepted at most offices. The important thing to do in this situation is to find clothing that meets the dress code while still being comfortable.

Dressing the part for work — even if you’re WFH — is essential, as the clothing you wear can psychologically impact the way you operate. Formal clothing can improve abstract thinking, but it can also create a feeling of emotional distance between people.

The situation, then, calls for clothing from retailers that straddle the limits of mere casual and formal apparel. At Paskho, we create clothing with a minimalist aesthetic that is at home in the air as it is in the office. By fusing the shape of formal apparel with the performance fabric of the greatest casual apparel, we create something new.

From our travel apparel, we’re highlighting some of the most comfortable work pants available. These will complete your outfit whether you’re commuting to a high rise in the city or working at your desk at home.


The first pair of work pants on this list emphasizes the importance of fabric and construction in style and comfort. The Artisan marks a powerful introduction to the world of tech travel pants and makes a case for your work wardrobe.

These straight-leg pants use performance technical fabric to repel water and provide a full range of movement through 4-way-stretch material. The fabric itself is bluesign® approved, meaning that in every phase of production, it meets exacting ethics standards.

Ultrasonic welded seams and bonded construction stops the chafing that some uncomfortable workwear can cause. Worn in tandem with a blazer, only an elasticated waist for a more comfortable fit gives away their identity.


The Warrior offers a streamlined version of our comfywork pants, meant for work or recreation in all conditions. The figure of the pants is rendered even sleeker through the inclusion of hidden zipper pockets. Dark green and black colors allow for traditional work colors and dark, adventurous tones. 

The fabric of the pants is designed for easy alteration. This makes it easier to adjust for height or any other concern.


When you strip away all the unneeded elements of a garment, you are left with the true essentials. Minimalist is designed so that every thread serves a fundamental purpose. 

The Swiss-made fabric of the pants has a moisture-wicking finish, in addition to repelling water, oil, and dirt. The tailoring and fit are cut to preserve elegance while allowing movement worthy of leisure apparel. A snap fly closure makes it easy to pull on and get on the go with these items.


Our next slim-fit pant comes in black and khaki colors, making it a visually perfect replacement for dress pants. The Contemplation is the ultimate comfort apparel during the workday or for relaxed evenings.

The elastic waist elevates the comfort provided by Sustainable Micro Modal Stretch Knit fabric. The pant features an elasticated drawstring waistband like what you’d find in yoga pants or sweatpants and a mixture of back and front pockets.

They resist wrinkling and shrinkage, keeping you looking flawlessly styled throughout the day, whether moving about or sitting. It wicks moisture to further improve its longevity.


Strength and simplicity allow you to run free and work unencumbered in this Wild pant. 

Go anywhere you want with these pants that can support all outdoor adventures with their sweat-wicking property. When indoors, enjoy the lightweight, breathable comfort that only technical fabrics can deliver.

Articulated knees and ergonomic seams reduce anything that might hold you back. An adjustable waist and snap closure make these comfortable to wear in any position.

Wrinkle resistance makes these straight-leg pants more well-equipped to handle city streets and business meetings.

The Wild also entirely uses zipper pockets. However, since they are hidden, it’ll be a challenge for anyone else to find them — a smart security measure when dressing for the day.


The Wanderer is the pant when your workplace’s notion of appropriate apparel leans more casual. This pair of work pants offers deep utility cargo pockets for personal items or tools you may need. 

These can also be the ideal pants for when your work takes you outdoors. They are well-suited for working in cold environments, as it helps with heat retention. They also repel wind and water, providing unparalleled environmental protection in one single garment.

Cargo pants emerged as workwear and often used wide-leg designs to convey a comfortable, tailored bulk. These wide-leg pants were part of formal military apparel around WWII.

They sometimes used boot-cut legs to allow for the relevant military apparel. Cargo pants first entered popular fashion in the 90s and have periodically recurred since. 

In some offices, these pants may be too casual to operate as work apparel. For those who accept them, however, the Wanderer can be an infinitely practical option.


Urban takes its name from the complex city sprawls that define major locales worldwide. The same ultrasonic welding tech that enhances the durability of the Artisan is on full display here. An elasticated moisture-wicking waistband has an interior drawcord. This streamlines the outer appearance of the pant while still providing a personalized fit. 

Abrasion resistance, UV resistance, water repellent, oil repellent, and dirt repellent features all provide comprehensive protection from the world. Like many of our other pants here, the Urban utilizes zip pockets for maximum security. Unlike others, these take that security a step further by incorporating dual-purpose pockets.

Here, internal zippers hold your phone and other items. Meanwhile, external pockets can be used for your hands or fast access to other personal effects.

The Urban is available in khaki, black, and dark green. The former two speak to a more traditional workplace, while the last presents a stylish but not overeager alternative. No matter which you choose, 4-way-stretch technical fabric supports its status as a pant for any occasion or situation.


Letting go of your attachments lets you be freer in the moment. It lets you stay present and go off the beaten trail. Untethered is for the consummate explorers, at work, on an adventure, or traveling in between.

The seams are manufactured to provide both ergonomic support and freedom of movement. The fabric provides crucial all-environment protection in the form of a finish that repels water, oil, and dirt. Six hidden zippers at the hands, the back, and sides allow you to secure all your valuables while remaining hidden from wandering eyes.

The fabric of the Untethered, as with many of our fabrics, is bluesign® approved. This means that the manufacturing process is safe and sustainable. This is especially important when you look at the overarching impact the fashion industry has.

Over 70% of China’s rivers are contaminated with wastewater from fashion manufacturing. Meanwhile, the Amazon rainforest is deteriorating, and major fashion brands continue using non-renewable materials to make their clothes.

It’s for this reason that we devote ourselves to organic, vegan, and sustainability-certified fabrics.


Our next pair of stretchypull-on travel trousers is nigh-invincible, no matter your destination. These breathablecrop pants earn the name Wanderlust, as they gladly enhance the travels of world wanderers everywhere.

The abrasion resistance, UV ray protection, and water, oil, and dirt repellent features elevate this best seller above ankle pants. Even when dirt or sweat does build up, this workwear is easily washable.

These pants are designed to fit anyone. The fabric is easily altered for a more relaxed fit or adjustable length. An adjustable waistband with belt loops and a snap closure replicates classic fit pants. Pair with your favorite t-shirt or henley for casual wear, or a polo or button-down for work.

The Most Comfortable Work Pants

The clothing we wear drastically changes the way we work. What will you feel more comfortable in: starched, stiff chinos, or lush-feeling, stretch-tech trousers?

Despite what old stereotypes would profess, comfort doesn’t mean apathy. Comfort means dressing to be able to do everything you need to, without clothing holding you back. Your old navy-colored work pants might not do the trick, which means it’s time for an upgrade.

In the above nine pants, we go through a variety of different styles. These include elasticized pants with interior drawcords and even cargo pants for the ultimate in utility apparel. The best pair of pants for you is, ultimately, your choice.

Paskho doesn't just limit ourselves to menswear pants. We put forth tops and outerwear for both men and women. Travel isn’t limited to just one environment, so there’s no reason that travel wear should be. Cold-weather and warm-weather gear exist to meet any situation.

In this case, that situation includes the workplace. For versatile work and travel apparel, look to Paskho for all things fashion. Our work and travel staples come in sizes from XXS to XXL, so there’s something for everyone.



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