9 Most Comfortable Pants for Women

9 Most Comfortable Pants for Women

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One of the most universal garments is a simple pair of pants. This foundational garment sets the tone for how we approach our day. The right pair of pants is stylish, sleek, and, most of all, comfortable.

In womenswear, pants have long been associated with rationality and practicality. They were introduced in Western womenswear in the 1850s, partly due to their perceived superiority over skirts for daily activities. 

However, pants are only superior if they truly serve a functional purpose. Below, we’ve gathered nine pairs of pants for their overarching comfort and a wide variety of aesthetics. In these varied options, you are sure to find a pair of pants you want. These travel pants are specifically designed to be the most luxuriously comfortable thing in your wardrobe.


Our first pant is the Harmonious, in a brand new lounge edition. This takes the structure of one of our most popular pants and gives a new fabric.

Made from a combination of organic cotton and modal, these pants keep you relaxed and stylish, from casual days at home to wonderful nights out. 

A moisture-wicking elastic waistband with an interior drawcord simplifies the silhouette while providing a personal fit. An easy-to-alter fabric and side seam pockets offer essential practicality in the piece.

The Harmonious pants blur the line between a more casual pair of dress pants and a dressed-up version of your sweats. Use it on your most unpredictable days.


We can’t compile a list of the most comfortable pants without including one item made with performance fabric. Conscious is supported in its design with a Swiss-made 4-way-stretch fabric certified for sustainable production methods. 

It also repels water and blocks UV rays to provide essential protection from the elements. Subtle stitching detail along the relaxed legs of these comfortable pants elevates this casual apparel. The stretchy fabric provides a full range of movement while the wide-leg pants are relaxed without ever being baggy.

A set of hidden pockets are enhanced by the drape of the fabric. They allow you to store all your dearest essentials without ever revealing their presence. This is perfect for discretely storing items while traveling or for casual days lounging unencumbered. 


The intentional and distinctive cut of Purity makes them well-suited to any schedule. They fit in perfectly in business casual settings or on long flights to remote destinations.

The straight-leg pants are made subtly more complex by stitching details along the front of the leg and will keep you comfortable all day.

Bonded seams and ultrasonic welding provide a variety of benefits over traditional seamwork methods. These reduce chafing as well as increase the strength of the seams. The fabric is water-repellent, UV-repellent, and moisture-wicking. These make them the perfect functional pants for a put-together appearance.

Meanwhile, a 4-way-stretch material makes these an undeniably comfy pair of pants.


The Namaste Pants is designed to provide excellence and elegance by breaking down the pants into their most essential elements. They feature a lush drape created by a Micro Modal Stretch Knit fabric. It resists wrinkling, shrinkage, and moisture. They have three pockets, including one on the back and two at the front.

In short, in both form and function, the Namaste performs everything you could ask of casual pants. Their name has a complex meaning, literally meaning “The Divine within me recognizes the Divine within you.”

This name evokes the powers of inner strength, acknowledgment, and understanding. By putting quality, comfort, and sustainability at the forefront, the pant has earned that name.

This dream pant is ideal for office wear, as its design will help keep them wrinkle-free. At the same time, these casual pants can be perfect for relaxed days spent lounging. Explore anything you want, however you want, with this style to guide you.


If you need a piece to revive your classic joggers or sweatpants, look no further than our next best-seller, Rejuvenate. These tapered track pants are designed with ergonomic principles in mind, providing unrestricted movement and an unparalleled feeling.

Micro Modal stretch knit offers the perfect material for these casual pants, thanks to its special thermal properties. They can help regulate temperature, whether you are sedentary or on the go.

These elastane waist pants with a drawstring front perfectly contour to your frame and can be adjusted as needed. Several hidden pockets are roomy enough that they’ll never provide a baggy or overstuffed look.

Importantly, the Rejuvenate is made in Paskho’s Community-Made New York Pod. It is one of our goals to, through our clothing, provide jobs to Americans who need them.

Our pods, across the nation, provide work and equitable wages to historically underserved communities. With each design, we do our part to make the manufacturing world more ethical and fair whenever we can. 


Our Namaste pant isn’t the only one that pays homage to Indian culture. The Resilience, in both fit and overall shape, owes a lot to vintage Indian motifs. The straight leg fit provides a slimming, silhouette-highlighting shape to the garment. Secure zipper pockets add an extra layer of security over even hidden pockets. 

These pants, from their ergonomic fit to practical additions, are made for travel. A sublime bluesign®-approved fabric is perfect for the person who wants to travel better. 

Bluesign technologies ag is an independent company and one of the most influential in modern sustainability initiatives. They promote more ethical, low-resource methods of harvesting natural fibers. They also highlight the more environmentally friendly creation of synthetic fabrics.

They focus not only on the environment but also on the human cost of the fashion industry. As a result, they provide rigid guidelines for how manufacturers should operate along the supply chain. If even one step fails, then a piece cannot be certified. A bluesign® certification is one of the highest standardized ratings that can be given in the fashion industry.

Resilience is supported by these measures, so you can go forth confidently and ethically in all your travels.


The next option is a pair of ankle pants that redefine loungewear. Serene provides relaxed elegance through a simple frame and gently elasticated cuffs. A wide belt of fabric dangles from the waistband, allowing you to style the drape how you wish.

As loungewear, the Serene’s name appropriately denotes its stretchy, micro-poly comfort knit. These ankle pants, in addition to being wrinkle-resistant, have another special property: They are made entirely from reclaimed fabric. 

When companies end up with leftover fabric, it is often disposed of without ever being used. It needs no further explanation to say that this is a significant waste. When we reclaim fabrics, we aim to use everything at our disposal and reduce our contribution to fashion-related waste.


The Escape is the only possible name for this pant designed to be truly all-purpose. A slit at the bottom of the leg causes these wide-leg boot-cut lounge pants to stylishly break on the foot. Black and gray color options provide understated elegance with outsized pairing potential.

The versatility extends to the unparalleled comfort and potential offered by the performance fabric. The pant is easily hemmed and altered as needed so that everyone can have the perfect fit. 

The relaxed fit is designed to be laid-back and oversized. Feel free to let it drape without ever being baggy while playing with the figure it provides in the design.


We close out our list of the most comfortable women’s pants with a slightly more slim fit option. Sanctuary provides a chic, crop fit that is undeniably built for travel. Colors in dark green, black, navy, and new blue provide classic and bold colors for a bold pant.

Pleats down the trousers influence the taper down through the leg. 4-way stretch fabric resists abrasions, protects from UV rays, and repels water, oil, and dirt. It features the most pockets of any garment on this list, with four hidden zipper pockets and two back snap pockets. 

They come the closest to cargo pants in terms of carrying capacity, but without ever adding too much bulk to your frame. You can hold your possession close without needing careful vigilance. 

With all these details, the Sanctuary is the capable travel pant of all those listed here. For security, convenience, longevity, and comfort, it simply excels. Pair with your favorite t-shirt, and be prepared to catch your next flight.

How Better Pants Are Made

There are better options for comfortable pants than vintage chinos and over-designed streetwear. The comfortable pants listed here all take minimalist fashion as a stance and follow it with pure practicality. 

Neutral and dark colors make pairing and looking your best easier to pull off. Performance and comfort fabrics serve to improve your daily experience. Most of all, doing so with ethical and sustainable action behind them provides more than just a garment. Better pants are made by Paskho.


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