10 Comfortable Pants Still Appropriate for Work

10 Comfortable Pants Still Appropriate for Work

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Many decisions go into our everyday working apparel. Often, the first decision we make, before any other, is one of comfort. 

When it comes to how a pair of pants will feel, fit and the fabric are two of the strongest factors. Just compare high-rise and mid-rise structured pants to the loose feel of sweatpants. Or, for the workplace, compare any standard or high-waisted pants to oft-maligned low-rise jeans.

With menswear, pants are built to work with complimenting button-downs or polos, which tends to result in highly-structured garments. However, your workday pants don’t need to be stiff, uncomfortable pieces that only serve well during working hours.

Below, we’ve collected ten pairs of pants built to keep you comfortable in any environment. With this many options, the perfect pant for working must be on this list.


Their name may be Wild, but these pants embrace simplicity to create a soothing, comfortable, unparalleled feel. At a brief glance, these pants may resemble your usual apparel. However, a brief moment of analysis reveals them to be something far superior.

These work pants are pull-on, featuring a snap closure rather than buttons or zippers. Instead, the pants feature zippers in a different location — all pockets, front and back, use zippers for secure pockets. The zipper closing technique, along with the pockets obscured by the construction, adds an extra level of security. These measures are effective for work commutes and for travel, where theft can be a concern.

The Swiss-made technical fabric is made in an environmentally sustainable way and is stretchy to provide a relaxed fit. It repels water, dirt, and oil, keeping it clean for longer and protecting you from midday mishaps. Significantly, this comfy pant is lightweight, separating it from bulky dress pants.

Wild makes for an immediately compelling offering to begin our list. However, there are still nine more designs to examine before we are done.


Urban is one of our best sellers, for a good reason. Urban uses minimalist design principles to create a pant as purely stylish as it is comprehensively functional. These straight-leg pants are made for those who want to seamlessly transition from work to play, whenever relevant. 

The fabric is water, oil, and dirt repellent. However, these pants also feature abrasion resistance and UV-stop technology. Many factors influence clothing UV protection, including the dark color many of our pants use. An adjustable waist and snap closure further ensure your comfort no matter the context. 

These pants also uniquely situate your pockets. Here, pockets serve dual functionality. Internal pockets protect your wallet, keys, passport, and other personal effects. External pockets provide a place for your hands.

So far, each of these pants on this list is perfect for semi-formal workplaces or where the term business casual can be stretched. Our next article is great for places where the term leans towards casual or for effectively working from home.


Our next pair of pants is named for perpetual travelers, city explorers, and people always searching for the next horizon. The Wanderer is a cargo trouser that elevates this style of pant undeniably. 

Elasticated cuffs make for an easy-to-slip-on design, while 4-way stretch technology makes it easy to wear. UV stop, water repellent, and quick-drying fabrics provide comfort for workers and elemental protection for travelers. Whether you’re hiking near the Amazon rainforest or navigating the metropolitan airport, these are for you.

They are designed to be easily hemmed and altered as needed. If you usually need this service performed on pants, we’ve already taken this necessity into account with our design.


Our next pair of pleated trousers straddles the line between professional attire and casual clothing. A slight crop highlights your footwear and socks, whether they be formal loafers or casual sandals. The Wanderlust crosses genres for those who long to cross boundaries.

These crop pants are built to be nearly indestructible, continuing the list of resistances and repellents that make up many of our designs. The ankle pant has a total of six pockets while hiding most of their locations. Four hidden zipper pockets contrast with two visible back snap pockets.


Much of the fashion that inspires us and that we are inspired to make is minimalist. Given this, a pant that shares that name has a lot to live up to.

Our Minimalist is a tailored slim-fit pant designed to accommodate both athleticism and leisurely office and WFH spaces. Of all the pants on this list, this is one of the essentials to consider for your work wardrobe.

An interior drawcord lets you personalize the fit of the piece to your own preferences. As daily apparel, deep pockets and stretch fabric mean that comfortable clothing and workwear have never been so intertwined.

The piece is also easily machine washable, as are most others highlighted here.


Sometimes, we need to take a step back and look at the world around us. In moments like these, the Contemplation fits your needs — physically and thematically and physically.

This relaxed-fit pair of work pants brings to mind classic khakis. Unlike those khakis, however, fabric resistance helps keep them wrinkle-free. A slightly wide leg tapers downward, distinguishing these from both slim fit and wide-leg pants. 

These pair perfectly with any button-down, but we personally recommend our satin and twill Soul.


Ergonomics is one of the most commonly thrown-about words in the workplace, usually referring to desks and chairs. The word, introduced popularly in 1997, is used to describe the relationship one's working conditions has on one’s health. When used in fashion, it refers to the relationships your clothing has with your ability to function.

The Ability Ergonomic Fit Pants enhance the way we interact with the world at large. A comfortable stretch provides a full range of motion, essential in any pair of work pants while also being breathable. Lastly, the slim straight fit features hidden pockets and repellent details, enhancing its overarching function.


There is beauty in simplicity. When something is reduced down to its most essential and authentic parts, each detail matters. Without frivolous embellishments, the only thing that calls attention is quality. The Reflection embraces this concept in a simply designed, detailed pair of pants.

Dark black makes it an easy piece to pair with different colors. An elastic waist with a drawstring provides a subtle pair of slim pants. Many fabrics, like cotton and crepe, have a tendency to wrinkle. Fortunately, the Sustainable Micro Modal Stretch Knit here is extremely resistant to wrinkling and shrinkage alike.

Minimalist fashion is closely tied to the sustainability movement. Minimalist fashion, and its closely related subject, the capsule wardrobe, has as its goal a simplification of how we dress.

For the environment, simplifying the way we dress has obvious positive benefits. The less people consume, the less strain is put on the world around us. More sustainable production methods allow people to live with higher quality goods that last longer. It reduces the cost of emissions in manufacturing and the amount that ends up in landfills. 

For the wearer, it can lead to reduced stress. An overstuffed closet can lead to decision-making stress relating to putting on clothes in the morning. This stress is slight but can have a lasting impact over an extended period.

In short, for the individual, retailers of all sizes, and the world at large, minimalist fashion is here to stay. Every pair of pants, but especially the Reflection, embodies these values.


When you hear the word Artisan, a few things come to mind: a mastery over a particular craft, careful precision in everything you do, and a dedication to evolving artistic principles. All these find purchase in the titular pant, the last item on this list. 

The Swiss-made fabric is bluesign® approved. This means that it has passed some of the most rigid sustainability tests on the planet. 

Then, the fabric is put to our own tests of manufacturing and design. The 4-way stretch fabric provides tremendous comfort as you move, at work, or out and about. A double-lock snap and zipper fly replicates and enhances the shape of your usual work apparel. Lastly, ultrasonic welding serves to increase durability and resistance while reducing chafing.

Pair with oxfords and pack your old chinos in a recyclable paper bag to donate to your nearest thrift store. You won’t miss them any time soon.

What Makes the Perfect Work Pant

The ideal pair of work pants isn’t just stylish apparel. It isn’t just something close enough to traditional office wear that it registers as appropriate.

The ideal pair of work pants should be versatile enough to pair with a dress shirt or a t-shirt. It should be something you’d want to wear anywhere, and not just work. In short, the ideal pair of work pants is, ideally, an all-purpose pair of pants. Our options are available in sizes ranging from XXS to plus sizes like XXL, so there’s something for everyone. 



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