5 Comfortable Airport Outfits

5 Comfortable Airport Outfits

Picture this: Everything is ready for your next flight. 

Your luggage has never been packed so expertly. You make it to your gate with plenty of time. Your flight doesn’t get delayed once.

The situation is almost perfect. However, no flight is truly prepared without the right outfits for the airport. The day is going to be a sedentary one, from walking through the airport to eventually reaching your gate. From there, you sit on the plane until you finally depart. 

Through all this, you want to be comfortable. At the same time, you want to look good and not like you’re just wearing your comfiest sweats. 

The best comfortable airport outfits achieve both. More than 2.9 million people fly in and out of airports in the U.S. alone every single day. If you’re one of them, especially if you’re a frequent flier, you need go-to travel outfits.

Below, we’ve got five options for air travel designed to ensure your smoothest flight yet.

Outfit #1: Silk Comforts for Luxurious Travel

Our first outfit uses performance and comfort fabrics for a luxe and easy journey. Starting from the essential basics, we have the Warrior pants. 

The advanced fabric technology here uses a stretch material to provide a full freedom of movement. It has a moisture-wicking finish to provide you from spills during turbulence, rainy weather, and natural sweat alike. 

Four pockets are placed to not only be hidden in the pants but also require a zipper to access them. Even if someone locates your pockets, these security measures are enough of a deterrent that you’re unlikely to be targeted. This way, you can keep all your most precious items safe and secure.

We pair this performance pant with a radiant travel polo that performs with aplomb in a very different way. The Innovator is an elegant Merino Silk garment that proves that blends are the secret to true performance fabrics. This polo is highlighted by a zip front placket that, along with a sleeve accent, differs in color from the primary garment. 

Merino wool provides thermoregulating qualities to keep you at the perfect temperature in changing climates and circumstances. It subtly wicks moisture, sweat, and everything else. Meanwhile, a silk knit offers a sublime softness that proves why, across thousands of years, this fabric has had such staying power.

The best part about this outfit is that it blends together formal and casual design choices. It’s something you can feel comfortable exploring the city right after you drop off your things. 

Outfit #2: Cozy Layers for Cozier Flights

Our previous garment focused on the immediate, exceptional performance of a few key articles. Here, we optimize layering techniques for transitional garments when traveling in cool months and climates.

We start with the Exceed. This garment is made from a similar comfort blend as the Innovator, giving it many of the same essential properties. The shape, however, is markedly different, starting with its nature as a short sleeve tee. It differs in the face of a unique zipper pocket.

On the left shoulder is a small pocket, too conspicuous to target and just large enough to subtly hide credit cards or IDs. It’s the perfect thing for hiding your most essential travel garments. When layered with outerwear, it becomes invisible and inaccessible. 

This is why we’ve chosen our cardigan, the Intrinsic, as the garment to pair here. 100% Merino Wool Knit offers unparalleled comfort and a nigh-impervious guard to reasonable quantities of water. 4-way stretch material and an ethical production process make this, structurally and morally, some of the best wool available.

The Intrinsic is crafted from Mulesing-Free Merino. In the early 20th century, an Australian farmer realized that cutting a sheep under the tail, resulting in scar tissue, would prevent sheep damage by flystrike. This practice was soon termed Mulesing. While this practice quickly became widespread, eventually, the world started protesting this cruel practice. 

At Pashko, we use Mulesing-Free Merino as part of our commitment to leave the world a kinder, greener place.

We close the outfit with Minimalist pants. This tailored technical apparel uses performance fabric that repels oil, water, and dirt while also being comfortably stretchy. A combination of classic tailored, pared-down aesthetics and modern performance standards makes it a timeless yet undeniably contemporary garment.

Each article sings coziness, with lush fabric options in every layer. It’s the perfect thing for chilly flights. 

Outfit #3: Simplicity Made Real

Our last wardrobe options reveled in complexity. Here, we have made our next wardrobe option with pure simplicity in mind. 

One layer. Boundless comfort. Style and versatility to go anywhere you want. 

We start with the aptly-named Entice. This slim-fit jersey elevates the traditional jersey with a curved back hem. Sustainably-Made Stretch Jersey fits well to the body without ever uncomfortable clinging. It resists shrinkage, moisture, and wrinkles. Even if it’s not what you wear all the time, it won’t wrinkle from transit easily.

It’s notable for its manufacturing process, in a different way from the Intrinsic. Every Entice is created in a community-made pod. This allows us to source manufacturing locally to the U.S. and put jobs back in our communities. It reduces many of the emissions caused by shipping textures and fabrics worldwide and then to the U.S.

It’s a shirt with a global presence in mind. It’s only fair if we mention it in the company of a garment also designed for travel. 

The Ability features luxurious comfort elements and practical components to enhance your active travel time. These include four hidden zipper pockets, to begin with.

The high-performance stretch weave repels water, oil, and dirt and stops UV rays in its tracks. The snap closure and zipper fly give it an iconic shape, while an elasticated drawcord waistband provides contemporary comfort. This last element is in the interior of the pants to provide a slightly more formal appearance. 

The fabric of the Ability can be easily hemmed and altered for the ideal fit. In short, it's the perfect personal pant for personal journeys. 

Outfit #4: Pared-Down and Socially Conscious

Our fourth outfit is the first appearance that womenswear makes on this list. Its introduction marks an apparel combination casual in shape but premium in make and style.

Our Wisdom is made with hard-won intelligence and clarity in sourcing and fabric design of the piece. An asymmetrical cut drapes from the front left to the back right of the garment. This creates a lush silhouette, made all the better by the use of a high-performing comfort blend of fabrics. The best of organic natural fibers and sustainable synthetics meld together here.

Wisdom distinguishes itself in construction. This is another piece brought by one of Paskho’s Community-Made Pods. Here, that pod lies in Gee’s Bend, Alabama: 

Gee’s Bend has a notable position in a state known for quilting. The practice is widespread enough that students at the University of Alabama can even get a degree in Textiles. By sourcing manufacturing here, we can provide resources to a community known for its quilting and design work history.

We pair this essential legacy garment with a piece meant for relaxation. The Escape begins and ends with its fabric. An elegant drape and slimming but not clinging material provides the right balance of stretchiness and coziness. Water-repellent fabric protects against the elements, while an interior drawcord allows for a perfect straight-leg fit.

It has three zipper pockets for all your essential needs. This outfit, in its final iteration, strikes at the heart of what casual airport outfits should be. It showcases what ethical fashion needs to be.

Outfit #5: Sporty-Chic for Jetset Lifestyle

Our last outfit embraces the sporty side of travel attire for another excellent look. We begin with the Harmonious pants. These are available in midnight black, new blue, and matte black. The matte black is an alternative, comfort-focused blend, in contrast to the other performance-focused blend. 

The former is made from a cool blend of slightly stretchy, extensively comfortable natural and synthetic fabrics. The latter retains slightly more heat, repels water, and resists wrinkling and shrinkage. It offers two wildly different purposes in the same sleek, natural-fitting frame.

We finish the combination with our Lucidity. This temperature-regulating travel hoodie uses a Swiss-made stretch-tech fabric for maximum efficiency. The fitting jacket is available in both black and bright white models. The former is monocolored, while the latter option has black highlights on the center zipper and left shoulder. 

With either pairing, you’ll have a bold, monochrome look and a sleek, all-black figure. 

Traveling in Comfort

No matter the outfit, all of these share two fundamentals in common. All of them have supreme comfort through gently stretchable and breathable fabrics. All of them embody a minimalist aesthetic for a fashion style to suit any occasion. 

We visit many places in the world. We need clothing capable of doing the same. At Paskho, we strive to offer the best travel apparel possible



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