February 02, 2016

Just back from a yoga retreat where our instructor, Rodney Yee, asked over and over as he put us in poses during the last two hours of practice, “What do you see?” 
What are you seeing, tasting, feeling, smelling, experiencing right now.. and right now… and right now?
All this as I sweated on one leg in my Warrior three pose. Honestly, the only thing I was thinking about was how much longer we were going to have to hold the pose, when, and I don’t know why, I suddenly exhaled and relaxed, I mean really relaxed into the moment, and for that moment I really could see. I felt focused and clear and forgot about the pose entirely. At least until I toppled over.
But for that moment I was right there, I could see, smell, feel everything so clearly. And that is the trick I guess, to bring that into my everyday; to find the focus by letting go.
That is what I see.



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