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Beach Thoughts paskho


My goal is to create an authentic, intelligent aesthetic that inspires, whether I am cooking dinner for friends, building a rock garden or designing a line of clothing.
PASKHO is deeply personal to me.
One night several years ago I was sitting on a beach, the waves lit by the moon and a sky so full of stars that it seemed to be the projection of the sand I was sitting in, and instead of being inspired by what was around me I was trapped by thoughts that kept bouncing off the same walls, over and over again. 
My eyes were looking out, but my mind was stuck inside.
My daily routine had muted my passion for new encounters and experiences. I came to this realization as I was backpacking through Yosemite National Park and after a few weeks in this Ansel Adams wilderness watching the sun light up the ice crystals that had formed on the ground, the dusk bring calm to the landscape, I came home to New York City inspired to create a flow that came from me. A line of clothing that helps simplify, unclutter; to create clothing that we can truly live in.
This is PASKHO.

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June 13, 2017

Hi Patrick. I LOVE your designs! I’ve been searching for the perfect pants forever and these might be them. I’d love to know more about your supply chain. Can you speak to sources for your fabrics and trimmings, and the labor involved in bringing your designs to life?

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