November 29, 2015 1 min read

Reclaimed Fabric Becomes Beautiful.

A Paskho pant is made using 100% reclaimed fabrics.
I have always been obsessed with ways to minimize waste, and since I was creating Paskho from the ground up, I took the opportunity to research ways that I might be able to use recycled materials without affecting the quality of design that I was searching for.
One thing that I discovered was that I could reclaim new, leftover bolts of material that would otherwise be thrown away.
This means that when I find a beautiful fabric to reclaim, I think about what I could design with it, how it’s specific qualities can best be utilized.
This makes for incredibly unique and beautiful designs, but also means that at times I can only create seven or eight pants from a reclaimed fabric because of its limited quantity, making many of my pants quite unique.
I am fascinated by reclaimed next generation fabrics that were developed for skiers, trekkers and triathletes, so they are strong and light, resistant to sweat and bacteria, flexible, multifunctional and comfortable for the long haul. 
I hope to inspire others to repurpose what has already been made, rather than keep adding to the piles of waste that already overflow our landfills.
This brings me back to the best in myself.
– Patrick

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