October 31, 2015

Because We Only Know Things if We Live Them.

Sebastião Salgado photographs remind me to expand the ways I interact with life.

Brazilian-bornSebastião Salgado, who shoots only using Kodak film, is known for his incredibly long-term projects, which require extensive travel and extreme lifestyle changes. Most recently Salgado completed Genesis, an ambitious eight-year project that spanned 30 trips to the world’s most pristine territories, land untouched by technology and modern life. Among Salgado’s many travels for Genesis was a two-month hike through Ethiopia, spanning 500 miles with 18 pack donkeys and their riders.
A powerful, beautiful film thats astonishing in presenting Salgado's observations of man and nature. The message will move you.  
The Salt of the Earth Official Trailer

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