Adventurous Spirit



We are most alive when our lives are rich with experiences and surprises. At our true core is our passion for adventure. I finally figured this out after feeling creatively confined for years. My frustration led me to throw on a backpack and hike through Yosemite National Park. After a couple of weeks in this Ansel Adams wilderness, I realized that it was my old routine that had dulled my senses and that passion needs to be fed by new encounters and new experiences.
I came home with a new vision: that I would create a wholly different type of clothing. One that inspires us to spend more time outside, celebrating our experiences in magical places—into winter’s snow, onto mountaintops, the beach, the crowded streets of Manhattan, on a deserted island in Seychelles, in Paris, Los Angeles, Corsica, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo—each locale inspiring new discoveries.

May you be, as I am, inspired by adventure.

Paskho is my invitation to this wild part of you.

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