3 Of The World’s Most Far-Flung Destinations

3 Of The World’s Most Far-Flung Destinations

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New York, Paris, Shanghai—you’ve seen them all, and you want more. The word “travel” is often synonymous for “escape,” and sometimes to truly escape, you have to pack up your best travel clothes and head somewhere far, far off the beaten path.

Truly remote destinations on this planet are increasingly harder to come by, but there are still some places that are virtually untouched by tourism. We’ve chosen three of our favorite hidden gems, but first, a word about preparing for this kind of a trip.

Making sure you have the best travel clothes and equipment

Distant destinations are perfect if you are craving the peace and tranquility that can be found in isolation. But this is a double-edged sword—unlike traveling to an urban area, you won’t be able to replace things you’ve left behind simply by visiting a local convenience store.

Planning and forethought is essential when your itinerary includes somewhere remote. You will need to bring additional equipment on this journey, which means trimming as much as possible from your traditional packing list.

Clothing can typically be the biggest obstacle when conserving space, which is why it pays to invest in products from the best travel clothing company you can find. Look for options that:

  • Can be worn in diverse climates and situations
  • Are easy to clean and hard to get dirty
  • Allow you to store and carry important items in pockets/zippers
  • Above all else, they must be comfortable to wear, whether you’re trekking through sand dunes or strolling through cobblestone villages

Now, let’s explore some of these tucked away corners of our planet.

The island escape: Tuamotus Islands, French Polynesia


The most famous beaches, from Bondi to Cancun, are also some of the most congested. If you want a tropical getaway where you can truly relax, set your sights on the Tuamotu Islands, an archipelago northeast of Tahiti. Tuamotus literally translates to Distant Islands in the local language, which shows just how far-flung this travel destination really is. 

With around 16,000 inhabitants, this chain of nearly 80 islands and atolls is a welcome destination for people who want to submerge themselves in a rich island culture, set against the backdrop of an idyllic South Pacific setting.

The secluded city: Auckland, New Zealand

Looking for a distant escape that still has hustle? The title of “World’s Most Remote City” goes to Auckland, on New Zealand’s north island. (Perth, Australia gets a close second.)

Auckland is a beautiful coastal city, and an excellent launching point for a journey through this country’s epic and diverse scenery. If you choose this destination, be sure to bring your best travel clothes for women and men. You’ll need comfortable and fashionable options to wear while visiting handsome cities like Auckland and Wellington, but also clothing that works well in the rugged environments native to the south island.

Kia ora, traveler.

The deep freeze: Glacier Alley, Patagonia

Close your eyes and picture the word isolation. What images come to mind? Perhaps you can feel bitter cold winds and see towering glaciers around you. What could be more remote than the end of the Earth—Patagonia?

 Though it will take some work to get there, the Glacier Alley stretch of the Beagle Channel is a spectacular sight that few get to see.


Here, you can float alongside vibrantly blue ice giants, each one dating back to days when all of Earth’s surface was frozen. Sadly, scientists anticipate that much of Patagonia is at risk due to climate change. Whether history, scenery, or science is your passion, a visit to this rare and fleeting location can be life-changing.


Whether you’re flying to climb the mountains of Patagonia or unwind in the scenic islands of French Polynesia, a trip to these remote destinations require planning. Paskho makes packing easy with high-quality travel clothes for men and women. Embrace your inner wanderlust.