Gee's Bend

Training in Gee's Bend

"Training is key to our ability to create opportunity in underserved communities."

- Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson's asks the Seamstresses

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One of the biggest ways in which a community like Gee’s Bend can be described as “underserved” is in the sense that the people here have not been given the skills necessary to participate in the modern economy. What they do have is this deep seated creative energy. This community is world renowned –– literally, in museums all over the world –– for their incredible quilts. While many of those skills translate and help craft beautiful, sturdy clothing, there are still some gaps to be filled in their sewing skills.

We’re working with some of the best trainers around to help build the necessary skills so that all of our Makers can produce garments to our incredibly high standards. In the end, we know the products will have the immaculate craftsmanship our customers know, imbued with the unique creative energy of the Gee’s Bend Makers. And each of them will have new, highly marketable skills that will allow them to earn a living wage wherever they are.

The Makers have just finished up the Bliss pant, which you can find for sale on our site. It was a triumph to get their first pant made, at Paskho standards, with their unique touch of their hands in every stitch. We’re so proud to be able to offer such a special product to our customers.

Patrick handling some “behind the scenes” work while onsite at the Gee’s Bend Pod.

The sign outside the Gee’s Bend Pod, proudly stating that we’re open for business and hiring.