Great Plains, South Dakota

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"This whole community has so much creativity, and so much to offer."

- Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson's Update From Eagle Butte

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Just two weeks before the official launch of our next Community-Made Pod of sewers in South Dakota, I wanted to share an update on our progress, what’s to come, and the challenges we’ve faced along the way. This process is difficult. There are always unexpected challenges, unseen obstacles to overcome. And if you know me, you know I’m eager as ever to get this next Pod up and running.

The community of Eagle Butte in the Cheyenne River Reservation is incredible. The place blooms with creativity –– you see it in the colorful, poignant murals covering walls all over town. It’s the fourth largest reservation in the US, and faces serious problems, as you might expect. One that has stood out to me is the shockingly high rate of suicide among young women. While we don’t have any naive visions of fixing these problems all on our own, I do hope that providing some form of economic opportunity is enough to make some difference, at least in the Makers who choose to join us.

In the meantime, we’re finally getting sewing machines moved into our new building –– the “Oyate” Pod, as the community decided to name it. Oyate is the Lakota word for “People” making our new home in South Dakota the “People’s House.” We certainly hope to make it just that –– a space of opportunity and growth for the community of Eagle Butte.

We are working with Four Bands, a non-profit in Eagle Butte that helps create economic opportunity on Cheyenne River Reservation and beyond.

Cheyenne River Youth Group Murial

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