South Dakota

Creativity in Cheyenne River Reservation

"Creativity is the lifeblood of this community."

- Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson's Explores Creativity in Eagle Butte, South Dakota

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The sheer creativity capacity of this community is astounding. The act of creation means so much to the people that live here –– it can be their voice, the touchstone of their identity, their source of their income. When you talk to the people of the Cheyenne River Reservation, you really get the sense that what they make, in turn makes them.

I was lucky enough to speak with artists and craftspeople across numerous mediums on this trip to South Dakota. What struck me most just might be the resilience that the people here find in their creative pursuits. This place has been all but abandoned by our country’s march of progress and growth –– the lack of opportunity is stagnating. More than anything, I hope Paskho can be a catalyst for economic change here, and can provide economic opportunity to match the incredible creative potential of the community.

We’re so thrilled to have the Oyate Pod up and running in South Dakota. So far, we’ve hired 10 Makers who have already begun working on Paskho products –– the first of which will be available soon.

We are working with Four Bands, a non-profit in Eagle Butte that helps create economic opportunity on Cheyenne River Reservation and beyond.

Cheyenne River Oyate sign created by Leland